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What is Geography?
the study of poeople, their environments, and their resources available to them
measure distance from north to south
What are the 5 themes of geography?
1. Location
2. Place
3. Human-environment
4. Movement
5. Region
What is prehistory?
period of time before people invented the system of writing
What is anthropology?
origin and development of people and their societies
What is culture?
way of life of a society
What is archaeology?
specialized branch of anthropology which studies the past people and thier cultures
What is an artifact?
object made by himan beings
What is technology?
skills and tools people use to meet their basic needs
What are historians?
people who study how people lived in the past
What is another term for the Old stone age and what years was it in?
the Paleolithic age dates from 2 million B.C. the time of the first stone toolmakers, to about 10,000 B.C.
What are nomads?
paleolithic people who moved from place to place as they followed game animals and ripening fruits
What are glaciers?
sheets of ice
What is animism?
About 30,000 years ago, people first started to believe in a spiritual world, and this world was full of spitit that might reside in animals, objects or dream
Who, when, where, and how did people start farming?
1. No one know when and how
2. People believe it started it Middle East, others believe its started individually
3. Women probably figured out the farming process
What is the "farming" revolution called?
Neolithic agricultural revolution
What is domesticate?
to tame
what is a civilization?
a complex, highly organized social order
what is surplus?
extra food
what is polytheistic?
believe in many gods
what are artisans?
skilled craftworkers
What is a pictogram?
simple drawing that looked like the object represented
what it a city state?
a political unit that inculdes the city and its surrounding lands and villages
what are steppes?
sparse, dry grassland
what is cultural diffusion?
spread of ideas
What is longitute?
mearuse distance east to west...Prime Meridian through Greenwich, England
what is silt?