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Macro Evolution
- Change is species of over time
Micro Evolution
- Change in genes/alleles within a population
Fossil Record
- Show preserved organisms over time
- (family tree) created from a fossil record
- The study of developing embryos
- An organism that has a backbone
Comparative Anatomy
- Comparing the anatomy of one to that of another
Vestigial Organ
- An organ that is reduced in size and considered evidence of that organisms evolutionary past
Vestigial Structure
- Structure reduced in size and function and is considered evidence of that organisms evolutionary past
Analogous Structures
- Similar functions but different structure ~Ex: Insect wings and Bird wings
Homologous Structures
- Similar structures but different functions ~Ex: humorous, Ulna, and Radius in differet species
Molecular Biology
- Species that share a common ancestor and have few amino sequence differences
Amino Acid Sequence
- The way amino acids are paired to make a series of proteins
- Geographic isolation prevent the exchange of genes between population and is the first step leading to the formation of a new species
Divergent Evolution
- Two or more species evolved from a common ancestor
Adaptive Radiation
- Rapid divergent evolution
Acquired Traits
- Traits that are given according to the use and disuse of these traits
Concept of Gradualism
- profound change is the cumulative product of slow but continuous processes, often contrasted with catastrophe
Acquired Characteristics
- Characteristics that were acquired then pated down onto offspring
Punctuated Equilibrium
- Things stay the way they are and then they rapidly change. So they stay this way for awhile, and then they change again