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Common stem cells express which surface protein?
CD34+ cells differentiate into what?
myeloid and lymphoid blasts
Mutations in stem cells lead to what?
myeloproliferative disease
Mutations in blast cells lead to what?
acute leukemias
Myeloblasts differentiate into the progenitors of...?
1) RBC
2) megakaryocyte
3) mast cell
4) monocyte
5) granulocyte (neu, eos, bas)
Lymphoid blasts mature into what?
1) T-cells
2) B-cells
3) NK cells
How long do Platelets circulate?
7 days
You have increased risk of infection if neutrophil count drops below _____.
< 1000/mL
What is myelodysplasia?
1) Pre-leukemic
2) Increased # abnormal myeloid blasts in marrow (if see blasts in peripheral blood then suggest acute leukemia)
What is the difference between "lymphocyte leukemia" and "lymphoma?"
Lymphocytic leukemia = cells in blood
Lymphoma = cell are parenchymal
How long after chemo/radiation therapy can you anticipate acute leukemia?
5-10 years later
Cellularity of bone marrow = _____ - _____
100 - patient's age

*minimum 20% cellularity