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why is scale not an accurate determination for body fat?
cant tell b/t fat weight and weight of strong bones and muscles
why are height weight tables useless for teenagers
still growing, havent fully matured
2 ways body spends energy
basal metabolism
voluntary action
number of calories a person expends on voluntary actions depends on (4):
1.number and size of muscles weight of body parts used
3.length of exercise
4.amount of energy put in
why do most quick weight loss diets not work?
lose fluids, not fat
when fasting, what does body use for glucose?
uses proteins and carbs --> glucose
why does a fasting person lose so much weight initially?
use up protein - 1/2 as many cals/pound therefore, lose double the weight
also for every 1 pound of protein lost, you lose 3-4 pounds of water
3 reasons why people overeat
physcological appetite
healthy weight to lose each week
3500 cals, 1 lbs
energy in vs. energy out
in: calories you consume to function
out: calories you burn to function each day
basal metabolism
3.temp maintenance
4.hormone secretion
5.nerve activity tissue synthesis
=basal metabolic rate
increse by exercising, lean tissue burns more
thyroxine: BMR regulator
factors that effect BMR
age, height, growth, body comp, fever, stress, temp
older people need less energy because:
1.metabolism slows down
2.decreased muscle mass
3.reduced activity
energy diminishes
5% every 10 years after 30