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At the turn of the 20th century in the U.S. the life expectancy was___________
48 years old
The average lifespan today is ___________
76 years old
The leading cause of death in children and adolescents is ______________
Accidental injuries
Influence of having been born and raised at a different time is called __________
The Cohort Effect
Free love in the 60s and 70's and A.I.D.S in the 80's is an example of ______________
The Cohort Effect
__________ is the study you would use to find the cohort effect.
Longitudinal or Cross Sectional Study
Cohort Effect helps health psychologists ______________
understand why people do or don't practice healthy lifestyles
A disease that is a neuropsychiatric disease, copper poisoning, and accumulates in the brain is____________
The Wilson Disease
The Wilson Disease usually comes out during __________
Adolescents or early adulthood
The Wilson Disease is a genetic disease because it is ___________
Autosomal Recessive
Recieving information is the job of the __________
Axons have the job of __________
Carrying information away.
MS results from ____________
Deterioration of the Myelin Sheath
The space between neurons is __________
The Synapse
The Synapse carry ___________
Neurotransmitters or chemicals in the brain that transmit energy
Chemicals in the brain that transmit energy are ________
The 2 halves of the brain are ____________
The right half and left half
The 2 halves of the brain work _____________
The side that manages language is the __________
left side
The side that manages visuospatial is the ________
Right side
The part of the brain that connects and communicates flow between the 2 halves is ________
The Corpus Callosum
The outer covering of the brain is called ____________
The Cerebral Cortex
___________ lobe makes a person distinctly human
The cerebellum is located in the __________
Back of the brain (hind brain)
Somato sensory functions or Touch, temperature, pain, and taste are controlled by __________
Parietal lobe
Visual processing is controlled by __________
The Occipital
The Temporal lobe controls ____________
Memory function and hearing
__________ maintains balance, and coordinates movements precisely
__________ manages heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing
True or False: The older you are the harder it is for the brain to repair.
___________ uses only chemical (Hormonal)messages to influence behavior.
Endocrine System
__________ study was the type of study used to watch women with breast cancer over a period of 5-15 year span.
Longitudinal Study
Personality affects __________
Women who scored high on helpless measure had a greater chance of __________
Lack of objective signs that the body is not working is called ___________
Lack of subjective symptoms is called ___________
A positive state of physical and mental well being is _________
The number 1 goal of health psychology is to __________
Promote and maintain health
Doses of a mood drug given to people is ___________
Independent variable
Scores on a questionaire about mood is the __________
Dependent Variable
Cortisol is released by the ___________ during stressful times.
Adrenal Gland
Age and Gender are 2 determinations of your ___________
Biological make up
_____________ regulates level of blood sugar or glucose and produces glucagon and insulin.
___________ raises glucose
___________ lowers glucose
Nutrients are good for _____________
Energy, Growth, and repair
Digestive system takes food and converts it to ____________
The _____________ tells the salivary glands to release saliva.
Brain stem
Hepatitis is an inflamation of the ____________
Type A hepatitis is found in _________________
Contaminated food and water and utensils
Type B hepatitis is found in ______________
True or False: You don't have control over your metabolism.
_____________ burns more calories at rest than fat.
___________ is normal blood pressure
A blood pressure of 150/95 is ____________
Stage 1 hypertension
A blood pressure of 135/87 is ___________
African American are more suceptible to high blood pressure because of ________
salt sensitive gene
Genetics, age, body weight, and race are all risk factors of ____________
Blood pressure
Mild cardio infarction is a __________
Disease of the heart
__________ deprives the body of oxygen.
______________ system defends the body against foreign invaders
Immune system
Any substance that can trigger an immune system is called ___________
Skin is the ____________
Body's 1st line of defense.
________________ are 2 things that weaken the body's immune system.
poor diet and smoking
Rheumatoid Arthritis, Rheumatoid Fever, MS, Lupus, and AIDS are examples of _____________
Auto-immune diseases
_______________is a neurological disease that is also an example of a genetic disease where the child has a 50-50 chance of getting it.
Huntington's Disease
Children get Tay Sachs disease when ____________
Both parents have the mutated gene
2 Components of stress is ___________
Physical and Psychological
A psychological and physiological response to a stressor is _____________.
Kate recently lost her ability to walk, she explored her options in her commnity is an example of ___________
Secondary Appraisal
Johnny got demoted at work, he asked how important this is in his life is an example of ___________
Primary Appraisal
The 3 stages of General Adaptation Syndrome are __________
Alarm Reaction
Family, community, church, friends, co-workers, and pets are ____________
Social support
The purpose of social support is to ____________
Modify stress
The problem with social networks is ______________
They deal with quantity not quality.