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People raised in negative situations that grow up to be positive or successful are called ____________.
_______________ are the 3 traits of a resilient person.
Self esteem, personal control, and optimistic
______________ defined a Type A personality.
T/F There is a strong correlation between Type A personality and heart problems.
People that are Competitive, Time Urgent, and Angry usually have a _____________.
Type A personality
________________is the deadliest component of Type A personality.
John is a relaxed person who always seems to be optimistic and philosophical. He has a _______________ personality.
Type B
T/F Both Genetic and Psychosocial factors play a role in developing a Type B personality.
2 Factors in Sudden Cardiac Death are __________________.
Preexisting heart problem and a stressor
How psychological process works with the nervous system and immune system is called ________________.
Immune system tries to protect body from _____________.
carcinogens lead to _________________.
Ulcers, Asthma, Ibs, and Headaches are all examples of _____________________
Psychophysiological Disorders
How people try to manage a situation is called _____________.
T/F Coping always leads to a solution.
Trying to manage emotional response through Behavioral and Cognitive ways is ______________ type of coping.
Emotion Focused
When you’re engaging in a situation to reduce the demands of a stressful situation or expand resources in dealing with a stressful situation you are coping in a ________________
Problem focused way
The coping skills for children depend on ________________
Cognitive and Language skills
____________is the coping skills for middle age people.
Problem focused
______________is the coping skills for elderly people.
Emotion Focused