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systems theory
all levels of organization in any entity are linked to each other hierarchically. Changes in one levele influence change at all other levels.
biopsychosocial model
health habits can be understood only within the patients psychological and social context.
50 %
_____percent of premature deaths are caused by preventable behavior.
metabolic syndrome
occurs when we have a kind of obesity where body fat is distributed in stomache
primary prevention
taking measures to combat risk factors for illness before an illness ever has a chance to develop
Age ___ is a critical period in health behavior development.
fear control; danger control
some people are good at seeing the real danger and coping; others, the emotion gets in the way.
the process by which people learn the norms, rules, and beliefs associated with their family and society.
teachable moment
certain times are better than others for teaching particular health practices
window of vulnerability
at certain times people are more vulnerable to certain health problems.
anglo and black women
who is at greatest risk of smoking.
health belief model
whether a person practices a health behavior depends on. - the degree to which the person perceives a personal health threat. - the perception that a particular behavior will effectively reduce the threat.
behavior intentions
attitude toward specific action, subjective norms regarding the action, perceived behavioral control.
contingency contracting
contract regarding rewards and punishments with another individual.
abstinence violation effect
feeling loss of control with one lapse in vigilance.
set point theory
each person has their ideal biological weight
multimodal approach to dieting
lifestyle change approach to weight loss.
approach behaviors
bad behaviors that feel good and are hard to change