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What is a stage 1 pressure ulcer?
Skin is unbroken but appears red; no blanching when pressed.
What is a stage 2 pressure ulcer?
Skin is broken, and ther is supficial skin loss involving the epidermis alone or also the dermis. the lesion resembles a vesicle, erosion or blister.
What is a stage 3 pressure ulcer?
Pressure area involves epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. The ulcer resembles a crater. Hidden areas of damage may extend through the subcutaneous tissue beyond the borders of the external lesion but not through underlying fascia.
What is a stage 4 pressure ulcer?
Pressure area involves epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue, bone and other support tissue. The ulcer resembles a massive crater with hidden areas of damage in adjacent tissue.
What are some common skin variations?
Freckles, vitiligo, striae, seborrheic keratosis, scar, mole and cutaneous tags.
What are some indications that a mole may be cancerous?
It has change in appearance or bleeds.
Generalized hair loss is seen in what illnesses?
Hypothyroidism and in clients receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
What ethnic group is more at risk for skin cancer? What ethnic group is less at risk for skin cancer?
Australians and Asians, respectively. Generally, the darker the skin, the less chance of skin cancer.
Which ethnic groups have the strongest body odor?
Caucasians and African Americans.
How often should you perform a skin self-exam?
Once a month.
What gives skin a yellow cast?
What is pallor?
Loss of color due to arterila insufficiency, decreased blood supply and anemia.
What is cyanosis?
It makes white skin appear blue-tinged, especially in the perioral, nailbed and conjunctival areas. Dark skin appears ble, dull and lifeless in the same areas.
Where are the first signs of cyanosis noticed?
What is central cyanosis?
Central cyanosis results from cardiopulmonary problem.
What is peripheral cyanosis?
Peripheral cyanosis results from a local problem resulting from vasoconstriction.
What is jaundice?
Light and dark-skinned people is characterized by yellow skin tones, from pale to pumpkin, particularly in the sclera, oral mucosa, palms and soles.
What is acanthosis nigricans
Roughening and darkening of skin in localized areas, especially the posterior neck.
What are Mongolian spots?
Bluish, bruiselike markings on the lower back, buttocks or the upper back, arms , thighs or abdomen.
Which ethnic groups have Mongolian spots, and are they contagious?
Most blacks, Asians, Native Americans and some whites.