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Wellness: Betty Neuman
live: make more energy
death: not enough is available that is needed
National Health Objectives: Healthy People, 2010
set of health objectives for the nation to acheive over the next decade
developed through a collaborative process
designed to measure progress over time
Goals of Healthy People 2010
1. increase the quality of years and life
2. Eliminate health disparities (who gets service, poor vs rich, children vs elderly)
Racial Disparities (pneumococcal disease)
History of Healthy People
1979: Surgeon General's Report
1980: Promoting health/prevention diesase: objectives for the nation
1990: Healthy people 2000: Decade of brain
Major areas of Healthy People 2010
Health Protection: minimize environmental health threats
OSHA: occupational safty health act (industrial injuries)
Food and Drug Saftey
Leading Health Indicators
Physical Activity
Overweight and Obesity
Tabacco Use
Substance use
Responsible Sexual Behavior
Disease Risk
continuum across populations rather than a simple dichotomy between high adn low risk individuals
Barriers to preventive care
lack of knowledge
lack of usual source of PC
lack of moeny to pay for preventive care
Primary Care
provides integrated, accessible heath care services
Develop partnersihp w. patients
practicng in the context of family and community