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violent acts against a particular group are called
hate crimes
sudden drop in body temperature
To stay safe in a tornado, you should
go to a basemant or cellar
When riding a bicycle you should
ride with traffic
If someone is injured, the first thing you should do is
rescue the victim
Using this could help reduce air pollution
public transportation
One way to avoid taking risks is to
know your limits
what should you pinch when performing rescue performing rescue on an adult?
You should apply cold water to
second degree burn
For a suspected poisoning, your first response shoulld be to call 911, your doctor, or
poison control center
What should do if someone is severely bleeding
apply direct pressure
What should you use on an adult choking victim?
abdominal thrusts
people can help conserve resources by
sealing off leaks around windows
you as well as all living and nonliving things around you, are part of the
Ozone in the upper atmosphere is helpful because it
helps block some of the sun's harmful rays
A good rule for being safe outdoors is to
use the buddy system