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• Preauricular
In front of the ear
• Postauricular
behind the ears
• Occipital
posterior of head, in the groove beneath the bony processes.
below the jaw, at the curve of the mandible.
• Submandibular
below the mandible, anterior to the tonsilar, midway between the tonsilar and the submental
• Submental
On the point of the mandible, "The Thinker".
• Superficial cervical
on the SCM, top one third, toward back of the SCM.
• Posterior cervical
in the groove where the clavicle, posterior edge of the SCM and the Trapezius meet.
• Deep cervical chain
On the SCM, starts at the frnt of the SCM and goes down at an agle finishing at the back of the SCM.
• Supraclavicular
above the clavicle
Below the clavicle
Normal sized head
Head is too large, inc. cranial fluid
Small head
Large head with pronounced facial bones, ie Acromegaly
Nasolabial Folds
Folds by mouth
palpebral fissures
space beteween the upper and lower eyelids
Trigeminal Nerve (v)
Clench teeth while palpating temporal and masseter muscles
Sensory – cotton ball/paper towel
Sharp/dull – paper clip
Facial – CN VII
Frown and wrinkle forehead
Show teeth
Puff out cheeks
Purse lips
Raise eyebrows
Close eyes tightly against resistance