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what forms the quadrangular space?
teres minor, surgical neck of the humerus, teres minor, and the long head of the triceps brachii
what forms the triangular space?
teres minor, teres major, and triceps long head
what passes through the quadrangular space?
the axillary nerve and the posterior humeral circumflex artery
what passes through the triangular space?
the circumflex scapular artery and vein
what travels superior to the suprascapular ligament?
the suprascapular artery
which artery normally branches from the subscapular artery and travels across the triangular space?
the circumflex scapular artery
which artery travels along the medial border of the scapula?
the dorsoscapular artery
does the sternoclavicular joint have an articular disc?
what ligaments reinforce the sternoclavicular joint?
the anterior and posterior sternoclavicular ligaments, the interclavicular ligament, and the costoclavicular ligament
what bursae are associated with the glenohumeral joint?
the subacromial bursa (between the deltoid and supraspinus tendon and the joint capsule), the synovial sheath surrounding the tendon of the long head biceps brachii, and the subtentendenous bursa of the subscapularis
what does the transverse humeral ligament do?
it spans the greater and lesser tubercules and holds the biceps tendon in the intertubercular sulcus
what are the two parts of the coracoclavicular ligament?
the trapezoid ligament from the trapezoid tubercule to the coracoid process, and the conoid ligament from the conoid tubercle to the coracoid process
which ligament is important in supporting the weightbearing support of the upper limb to the clavicle?
the coracoacromial ligament
what innervates the long head of the triceps brachii?
the radial nerve
what forms the borders of the triangular interval?
the teres major, the surgical neck of the humerus, and the long head of the triceps brachii
what passes through the triangular interval?
the radial nerve and the profundi brachii artery
which muscles flex the arm?
the deltoid, coracobrachialis, pectoralis major, and both heads of the biceps
which muscles extend the arm?
the deltoid, latissimus, teres major
which muscles abduct the arm?
the deltoid and the supraspinatus
which muscles adduct the arm?
the pectoralis major, the latissimus dorsi, the subscapularis, the coracobrachialis, and the teres major
which muscles laterally rotate the arm?
the teres minor, the infraspinatus
which muscles medially rotate the arm?
the teres major, the pectoralis major, the latissimus dorsi, and the subscapularis