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Kathy Maio is a...
feminist journalist in Boston MA
Maio is worried about...
the racial and cultural messages in Disney's movies
In snow white the message is...
... young women are naturally happy homemakers; they wait until a man comes along to give them life
in the LITTLE MERMAID the message is...
... "keep quiet and be beautiful"
-Ariel gets her voice back and keeps her prince; but she loses everything else
the only improvement made in a feminist way to BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is...
... Belle likes reading
Beauty and the beast also says that if a young woman is pretty and sweet-natured....
... she can change an abusive man into a kind gentle man
-(if belle lived in real world she would be a battered wife)
evil man Jafar is darker skin
-aladdin is good and paler american looking
in the LION KING...
... white amercians play the good people and Scar suggest homosexuality

-lionesses suggest that women are weak and need a man
... ends in peace bw natives and colonists
-in reality: many natives die; pocahantas taken to England; dies of homesickness
in MULAN...
... men still have power over women

- best thing to happen to them is to marry the hero and live "happily ever after"