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Creeping Bentgrass
Vernation: Rolled
Ligule: Big Ligule
Leaf Tip: Pointed
Many stolons
SN: Agrostis stolonifera
Colonial Bentgrass
Ligule: smaller then creeping
Leaf tip: Pointed
Other: Prominet vernation
SN: Agrositis cappillaris
Ligule: Huge Ligule
Leaf tip:Bent tip
Other: tall thick bottom, very foled
SN: Dactulis glomerata
Vernation: Rolled
Auricle: claw like
Leaf tip: pointed
Growth: tough rhizones
SN: Elymus repens
Tall Fescue
Vernation: rolled
Ligule: none
Collar: light/broad
Leaf tip: pointed
other:distinct veins, course leaf tip, broad mother grass
SN: Festuca arundinacea
Fine Fescues
Vernation: Involuted
Auricle: None
Leaf tip: pointed
growth: bunch
other:used in shades, very thin blades
SN: festuca spp.
Kentuck bluegrass
Vernation: folded
Leaf tip: boat shaped
Growth: Rhizomes
Other: Translucent lines
SN: poa pratensis
Annual Bluegrass
Vernation: foleded
Ligule:big memberous
Leaf tip: boat shaped
Other: will usually have a seed head
SN: Poa annua
Rough Bluegrass
Vernation: folded
Leaf tip: boat shaped
Growth: weak stolons web like
Other:thin narrow leaf
SN: Poa trivialis
Annual Ryegrass
Vernation: rolled
Auricle: clasping
Leaf tip: pointed
Growth: bunch type
Other: like creeping bent grass but with clasping auricles
SN: Lolium multiforum
Perennial Rygrass
Vernation: folded
Leaf tip: pointed
Growth: bunch
Other: shouldn't have two translucent lines
SN: Lolium perenne
Smooth Bromegrass
Vernation: rolled
sheath: V shaped
Growth: Rhizomatous
Other: M shaped water mark
SN: Bromus inermis