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The colony Oglethorpe started
Qualifications to vote for House of Burgesses
a free, white man
Musical instrument introduced to Southern colonies introduced by Africans
How did the original settlers plan to make money in the Carolinas?
by raising silkworms
What health advantage did the Africans have over the European settlers?
They had a stronger immunity to disease
Why were Indians upset that Georgia was colonized by the English?
Georgia had been a place where Indians could escape to before it was settled
Define "indentured servant"
someone who worked in exchange for the ship fare to America
King Charles gave land near the Chesapeake Bay to this man...
George Calvert
The chief of the Algonquians...
Name the king who believed that smoking tobacco was a health hazard...
King James I
The main reason Africans were brought to the Southern Colonies....
Very few people wanted to be indentured servants in the South
Usually, children of slaves were.....slave or free?
The first capital of Virginia....
The reason the Virginia capital was moved...
Jamestown burned down
The new capital of Virginia after the first capital was not available....
In which colony was the Toleration Act passed?
Define "toleration"
acceptance; understanding
The main result of the Toleration Act....
Catholics and Protestants both moved into Maryland...and the population grew
What export is best matched with John Rolfe?
Name the Southern colonies in alphabetical order.....
Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia
Define "plantation"
large farm where one main crop is grown
Which company owned the Virginia colony?
Virginia Company of London
Name the English law-making group...
Who started the Georgia colony?
James Oglethorpe
In which colony was the House of Burgesses?
What is a cash crop?
A crop raised to be sold for profit