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This office is the head of the executive branch of government
Where was Thomas Jefferson when the U.S. Constitution was written?
The Constitutional Convention was held in this city...
Name 3 weakenesses under the Articles of Confederation...
no army
no single leader
no national court system
no national taxes
Who was G. Washington's vice-president
John Adams
This member of Washington's cabinet wanted a strong, powerful government...
Alexander Hamilton
This first lady spoke often about women's rights
Abigail Adams
The term for the idea that the branches of governement can keep each other from becoming too strong
"chesks and balances"
The number of branches in the national government...
Three branches
The term for the sharing of power between the state and national government...
This term means the president refuses to sign a bill....
This document is the set of laws that govern the nation..
U.S. Constitution
This was the document for our national government right after the Revolutionary War....
Articles of Confederation
This is the title that G.Washington selected for himself....
"Mr. President"
List the 5 freedoms in the First Amendment...
Freedom of:
press assembly
The Great Compromise created these 2 parts of the national government...
Senate and House of Representatives
A man from this state developed the Great Compromise....
This caused many American to decide helping France was a bad idea....
The Reign of Terror
Shays Rebellion took place in this state...
Shays Rebellion proved this...
The national government was too weak under the Articles of Confederation
The first ten amendemant go by this name...
Bill of Rights
The Constitutional Convention was held in this century during this season of the year...
18th century.....spring into summer
This term means "to change"
The number of Amendements to the Constitution....
The name of the branch of government that includes the president...
Which has lasted longer...the Articles of Confederationor the U.S. Constitution...
This branch includes the Congress...
Why were Americans worried about a strong national government?
They feared a return to a monarchy
These were articles intended to persuade people that a strong national government was needed...
Federalist Papers
Who has the power to coin and print money?
National government
Who has the power to make laws about marriage and traffic laws/
state government
This branch includes the courts...
judicial branch
This city is at the mouth of the Mississippi River..
New Orleans
Which state favored representation based on population?
the states with large populations
The House and Senate are part of this branch...
Be sure that you understand the idea of checks and balances...
OK, Mr. Campion, I will be sure that I study that!
Be sure that you know some of the differences between the Articles of Confederation and the U.S. Constitution.
That seems like a great idea....I'll be certain to review that...thanks.
Do you know why the Constitutional Convention was held in secret?
If not, I will make sure to figure that out.
The Great Compromise solved this problem...
how the states should be represented in Congress
How many members are in the House of Representatives today?
Since each state gets 2 Senators, how many Senators are there today?
How many Seantors were in the very first meeting of the Senate?
How do you get down from an elephant?
You don' get down from a goose