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What caused the split between Shiite and Sunni Muslims?
disagreement over who the caliph ought to be
Muslim trading was:
* forbidden
* mostly unsuccessful
* quite extensive
* strictly controlled by the Imama
quite extensive
What was the main result of the Muslim invasion of India?
the sultans introduced Muslim traditions of government to India
This religion blends Muslim and Hindu beliefs...
The Muslim tradition of the Sharia was shared by these 2 empires located in central Asia and western Asia
Ottoman and Safavid
Before he became a prophet, Muhammad's job was that of a...
a merchant
This religion blends Muslim and Hindu beliefs...
The 5 pillars of Islam...
Daily prayer
Pilgrimage to Mecca
Declaration of faith in Allah
Fasting during holy month
What is Avicenna best known for?
Compiling a medical encyclopedia
Which event led to the creation of a Muslim empire in India?
A Delhi sultanate was established
Who strengthened the Mughal empire by promoting religious harmony through tolerance?
Ottoman and Safavid artists were influenced by these styles.....
Persian styles
Which Arab did the Angel Gabriel instruct to "proclaim in the name of your God....."
A dispute over the successor to Muhammad led to the creation of these two Muslim sects....
Sunni Muslim and Shiite Muslim
Who is the current Supreme Court Chief justice......
John Roberts
In which century did the Islamic religion emerge...
7th century
Muhammad's wife?
The nomadic tribe of Arabs who dominated the peninsula in the 6th and 7th centuries....
The original name of the city of Medina....
What was the "hijra"?
Muhammad's original journey to Yathrib.
About how long did Muhammad live after starting the Islamic religion?
About 10 years
The Islamic name for God...
The word "Islam" means this in Arabic...
submission or surrender to God
The difference between "hajj" and "hijra"....
hijra refers to Muhammad's first journey to Medina....the hajj refers to the pigrimage to Mecca that is expected of all Muslims
This is the Islamic system of law....
The Sharia
The Quran permitted a man to have these many wives (if he treated them all fairly)...
Four (good grief!)
Multiply the number of pillars in the Islamic faith, times the number of wives the Quran says a man can have and add the product to the year Muhammad heard from Gabriel, and the total is....
(5 x 4) + 622= 642
The most significant Muslim invasion into Europe was in this Iberian country.....
True/False...Muslims conquered the Byzantine Empire...
Which Muslim leader had the Taj Mahal built?
Shah Jahan
True/False...Muslims invaded North Africa...
A reason for Muslim military success in the Fertile Crescent was cavalry that included these 2 animals...
horses and camels
The key reason for Arab success in their rapid conquest of the Fertile Crescent...
the common faith of Islam unified the various tribes
Many people conquered by Arab Muslims converted to Islam because of this feature of the religion....
no religious hierarchy or the simplicity of the religion
The Spanish used this term in referring to the invading Muslims....
The Muslims actually invaded and controlled this Italian island...
The Taj mahal was built to honor this person....
Shah Jahan's wife
Which sect of Muslims believed the caliph should be chosen by the community?
The Sunni Muslims
The Shiite Muslims believe the only true successors to the Prophet must be descendants of Muhammad's_______and ________
daughter (Fatima) her husband (Ali)
Which sect of Muslims makes up 90 percent of today's Muslims?
Name the dynasty that ruled the Islamic world until 750 and directed the spectacular conquests from the Atlantic to to India....
the Umayyads
Which dynasty replace the Umayyads and dominated the Muslim world until the mid-1200's
the Abbassid dynasty
Which city (now in Iraq) became the Muslim "City of Peace"?
What's the name of those slender towers that protrude above the mosques?
Name the Turks who were responsible for triggering the Crusades....
Which of Shah Jahan's relatives put him in prison and killed?
his son
The Crusades had a larger impact on the Christians or the Muslims....
the Christians
True/False....Tamerlane was a Sunni caliph who translated the Quran into Indian and led the Seljuk Mongols in victory over the Moorish Mughals.
False...a Mongol leader who adopted the Islamic faith.
al-Khwarizmi was the greatest Muslim _________________
al-Razi was:
a poet
a physician
a politician
an Irish clog-dancer
a physician
Who was the Muslim physician who wrote the medical encyclopedia titled "Canon on Medicine"
Ibn Sina (known in Europe as Avicenna)
Muslim invader of India had 2 advantages over their Hindu was a faster moving cavalry, the other was...
Hindu princes were busy fighting among themselves and did not present a united front against the Muslims
True/False...The Muslim and Hindu cultures were almost identical
Between Islam and Hinduism, which is the older religion?
Who was the chief builder of the Mughal Empire?
Akbar the Great