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liberal constructionist
person who favors a broad interpreatation of the constitution
strict constructionists
person who favors a strict interpretation of the constitution
joint resolution
like a bill passed in both houses, it has the force of law
concurrent resolution
statement of position by both houses without the force of law
eminent domain
right of government to take private property for public use
process of making non-citizens into citizens
formal condemnation by congress of an individuals actions
procedure used to limit debate
provision attached to ameaure that is likely to pass
an attempt to "talk a bill to death"
portion of the full membership that must be present to do business
general agreement among various grounps on fundamentalmatters
unlike the house, senate has a legislative process with
few limits on debate
in the vice presidents absence, the presiding officer of the senate is the
president pro tempore (italic)
main way to end a filibuster
invoking the Cloture Rule
in McCulloch vs Maryland, the supreme court
upheldthe dctrine of implied powers
Power excersized by the senate
the pwer to approve and reject mahor presidential appointments
the president pro tempore
serves in the absence of the vice president of the US
level of government most valued by the strict constructionists
when a bill is introduced in the house it FIRST
is given a number and title
who has sole power to impeach thepresident?
the House of Representatives
NOT an expressed power of congress
pwer to set a minumum wage
congress shares foreign relations with
the President
confrence commitee acts as a "third house of congress" when
they produce a compromise bill that both house and sentate will accept
all treaties must be appoved by two thirds vote of
NOT a reason for the Federal government to tax
to benefit private fortunes
a compromisebill worked on by a confrence committee of House and Senate members is
usually passed by both houses o congress
under the constitution, congress has sole pwer to
declare war
in order to bring charges against president or VP for misconduct, the house is given the
power to impeach
Value of liberal constructionists
the constitution must be inerpreted broadly, with an eye towards change
Describes the nature of the government
both limited oand federal