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What is an interest group?
Consist of individuals sharing a common interest. They seek to influence government to respond favorably to the interest of the group by adopting and implementing policies to benefit the group.
What is a political party?
They nominate canidates, wage campaigns, choose their leaderships, and serve as intermediaries between voting citizens and government.
What are the provisions for legislative size and terms?
House 150, Senate 31. House serves 2 years, Senate serves 4 years with half elected each 2 years. No limit on terms.
What are the provisions for legislative districting?
Districting done every 10 years, done by the legislative itself except by the Legislative Redistricting Board when the legislature fails, by the courts when challenges arise.
What are the provisions for legislative compensation?
$7200 per annum (per year) with a per diem (per day) that may not exceed the maximum deductible allowed by the IRS.
What are the provisions for legislative sessions?
Regular not of more than 140 days during odd-numbered years, special called by governor, considering only what is in the call, 30-day maximum without limit as to number of sessions called
What is legislative power?
The making of public policy through passage of simple, concurrent, and joint resolutions and passage of special, general, and local/bracket bills.
What is legislature constituent?
Proposing amendments to the Texas Constitution by 2/3 vote of the membership of each chamber, and ratifying amendments to U.S. Constituion through a simply majority vote of the membership of each chamber.
What is legislature Administrative power?
Controlling State agencies through confirmation of appointments to agency boards, oversight, appropriation, creation or abolition, and audit.
What is legislature investigative power?
Inquiring into public issues through committees created for purpose, with ability to compel the production of evidence and administer oaths.
What is legislature Impeachment power?
Removal from office of State elective or appointive executive and judicial officers, requires simple majority of the House and 2/3 majority of the Senate.