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Essential features of the state-1
1. population - ppl who share a basic set of beliefs
Essential features of the state-2
2. Territory - est. boundaries
Essential features of the state-3
3. sovereignty - state has supreme/absolute auth. w/in territorial boundaries
Essential features of the state-4
4. gov. - state maintains social order; provide public services & enforces decisions
Theories of the origin of the state-1
1. evolution - evolved from a family. ex. Abraham
Theories of the origin of the state-2
2. force - all ppl of the area were brought under 1 authority
Theories of the origin of the state-3
3. divine right - notion that the gods have chosen certain ppl to rule. ex. chinese/aztecs
Theories of the origin of the state-4
4. social contract - ppl surrender to the state to maintain order
Purposes of the gov.-1
1. maintain social order- gov. allows citizens to plan their future, get educated, have family, & live orderly lives
Purposes of the gov.-2
2. provide public services - make community life possible & promote gen. welfare. ex. driving tests/food inspectors
Purposes of the gov.-3
3. Provide national security - protect nation
Purposes of the gov.-4
4. make economic decisions - helps economy stay stable. ex. pays farmers to raise certain crops
Characteristics of a Democracy-1
1. Individual liberty - ppl are free as possible; = opportunities.
Characteristics of a Democracy-2
2. Majority rule w/ minority rights - gov. decisions are based on a majority rule but the rights of the minority are protected
Characteristics of a Democracy-3
3. Free elections - everyone's vote carries the same weight "one person, one vote"
Characteristics of a Democracy-4
4. Competing Political parties - gives voters a choice.
Types of Gov.-1
1. autocracy- rule by one person. ex. Hitler
Types of Gov.-2
2. oligarchy- rule by few persons. ex. China
Types of Gov.-3
3. democracy- rule by the people ex. U.S.A.
Freedom of choice, free enterprise, competition allowed. ex. USA- you have 2 cows, you sell one and buy a bull.
Distribution of wealth & = opportunity among ppl. Also public ownership of most land, factories, and other means of production.