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Where do you connect hose to be tested on the truck?
-opposite side of the engineer pump panel.
-Rear of the truck
Length of hose will not exceed how many feet?
How do you fill the hose for testing?
-Fill all hose with water(pump pressuer at idle).
-Bleed off air
-Gate all discharges lines down until they are just "cracked open".
Inrease pump pressuer and hold for how long?
5 Min.
Test pressure for 4" Hose?
200 psi
All other hose test pressure?
1 1/2", 1 3/8", 2 1/2"
300 psi
All hose will be pumped at test pressure of how many min?
5 Min.
All hose will be tested at a length not to exceed how many feet?
When completed, all tested hose will be recorded how and sent where?
-section # recorded
-mailed electronically
Any section of hose less than how many feet should be recorded seperately?
-iden. hose # and length
If hose is damaged how should you write it up?
-list the prob. and location.
Where does damaged hose go to to be repaired?
FS 151