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internal resistance to flow
something with low viscosity exhibits _____ behavior
something wtih high viscosity exhibits _____ behavior
a highter temperature leads to a _____ viscosity
the viscosity of SiO4-rich magma/the more SiO4 something has, the _____ the viscosity
viscosity has to do with primarily _____ bonding
the _____ states that sediment layers are continuous and end only against a topographic high, by pinching out from lack of sediment, by gradual change from one sediment to another; the layer ends abruptly and may have been eroded by water or truncated by a fault
law of original continuity
the law of original continuity states that sediment layers are continuous and end only: (1.) against a _____, (2.) by _____ from a lack of sediment, (3.) by _____ change from one sediment to another; basically, the layer ends abruptly and may have been eroded by _____ or truncated by a _____
topographic high; pinching out; graduational; water; fault
True or false? Understanding fault offset can have financial rewards.
states that sediments are originally deposited in horizontal layers
law of original horizontality
the _____ states that in undeformed sequences of _____ rock layers, each layer is younger than the layer beneath it and older than the layer above it
law of superposition; sedimentary
_____ is a process by which water-saturated sediment temporarily loses strength and acts as a fluid
_____ was developed to quantify what people feel during an earthquake
Modified Mercalli Scale
The _____ was used for earthquakes before instrumentation or for current earthquakes in areas without instrumentation
Modified Mercalli Scale
_____ assesses an earthquake's effect on people and buildings
Modified Mercalli Scale
an instrument used to detect earthquake waves/eruptions
after an earthquake, you should be calm, check for injuries, be ready for _____, stay away from buildings, listen to emergency workers, and watch out for hazards like broken glass, fire, slippery surfaces, and downed power lines
Violent volcanic eruptions occur at _____
subduction zones