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Name three artists from the Renaissance and their country of origin
Raphael- Italy
Leonardo DiVinci- Italy
Michaelangelo- Italy
The _____ Code, a book
Other two are Ninja Turtles!
Direct Democracy
A form of government in which citizens rule directly and not through representatives, used in Athens, Greece
Government controlled by one person
Government in which power rests with citizens, who have the right to elect leaders to make government decisions
Roman Catholic Church
Church devoloped from Roman Christianity, the most powerful institution in Europe
Cultural movement that began in Italy and spread through Europe; marked by renewed interest in classical culture, it sparked government/architectural/artistic/religious changes
Religious reform movement during/following the Renaissance, began in 16th century, sparked creation of many forms of Protestantism
Magna Carta
Document guaranteeing basic political rights to England, drawn up by nobles and approved by King John, considered source of English respect for individual rights and liberties
Glorious Revolution
Overthrow of English king James II and his replacement by William of Orange and Mary, a turning point in English constitutional history, bloodless overthrow
Constitutional Monarchy
Monarchy in which the ruler's power is limited by law, England's form of government following the Glorious Revolution
Intellectual movement, thinkers studied classical texts and focused on human potential and achievements; during Renaissance
Concerned with wordly rather than spiritual matters, basic spirit of Renaissance society, response to Bubonic Plague; people realized that life is short, live it up!
Person who supported art, especially financially; many wealthy merchants and nobles become patrons during Renaissance
Art technique that creates the appearance of three dimensions on a flat surface; emerged during the Renaissance
Renaissance values
Skilled in art
Studied classic material
Good writer
Being a patron
" " merchant
Have intelligence, power and wealth
Master many subject
Printing Press
Machine for reproducing written material, invented by Gutenberg during Renaissance, allowed for mass distribution of books, especially the Bible
Pardon releasing person from punishment due for a sin, took off time in Purgatory, Martin Luther opposed
Member of the Protestant church founded on the teachings of Martin Luther
Church of England created by King John when Pope would not allow him divorce his wife Catherine
Members of the Society of Jesus, religious order founded by Ignatius of Loyola, Roman Catholic
Council of Trent
Meeting of Roman Catholic leaders called by Pope Paul III to rule on doctrines criticized by the Protestant reformers
Person controlling peice of land although kings really owned the land, would give land to lords, could do whatever they wanted with land but must pay time/service of war and have to feed/entertain king whenever he wants
Martin Luther
A monk who made up his own religion (Lutheran [Protestant]) went against Roman Catholic Church, said indulgences were bad, not very supportive of women, called the pope infallible
Always right/correct, Pope's considered themselves this, Martin Luther first to publicly say "POPE=FULL OF BEANS!"
Philip II
Son of Charles V, inherited Spanish territories, deeply religious