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a process that uses observation and investigation to gain knowledge about events in nature
Life science
deals with living things
earth science
investigates earth and space
physical science
deals with matter and energy
scientific method
an organized set of investigation procedures:state the problem>gather information>form a hypothesis>test the hypothesis>analyze data>draw conclusions

Hypothesis not supported=modify hypothesis

Hypothesis supported= test hypothesis several more times
a possible explanation for a problem using what you know and what you observe
Dependant variable
its value changes according to the changes in the other variables
independant variable
the variable you change to see how it will affect the dependant variable
a factor that doesnt change when the other variables do
the standard by wich the test results can be compared
scientific theory
an explanation of things or events based on knowledge gained from many observations and investigations
scientific law
a statement about what happens in nature that seem to be true all the time, they do NOT explain why or how something happens
T or F? a theory can be used to explain a law?
the application of science to help people