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Which of the following vitamins can be toxic when taken in large doses?
Vit A
Vit D
All of the above
All of the above
What are the clinical signs of Vit A deficiency?
Follicular hyperkeratinosis, scaling skin, night blindness, keratomalacia, blindness
Increased risk or morbidity from infections(measles)
True/False: Stores of thiamin can lost for a long time
FALSE--remember Louie..deficiency of thiamin happened pretty rapidly
You need thiamin to metabolize carbs
What are the signs of thiamin deficiency?
Wet and dry beriberi
Alcoholic polyneuropathy
Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome--disorientation, cerebellar ataxia, confabulation, apthelmoplegia
Too much pyrodoxine can cause what?
Ataxia and sensory neuropathy with doses as low as 200 mg/day for several months
What drug is an anti-folate?
Methotrexate--this can be used to treat overdose
What is a significant sign of vit B deficiency?
Tuning fork on head and you can't hear the vibrations
Also proprioreception is dysfunctional
What lab is used to test for vitamin B12 deficiency?
Schilling test
How long do vit C stores last?
There are no stores--longevity with minimal intake is around 6 weeks
Perifollicular petechiae indicate what?
Vit C deficiency