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Aggro factors
1. gastric acid
2. pepsin
3. h. pylori
Cytoprot agents
1. bicarb
2. mucus
3. PGs
His-2 blockers
1. Cimetidine
2. Ranitidine
3. Famotidine
4. Nizatidine
5. Zolentidine
Cimetidine v. other H2 blockers
1. ZE syndrome tx
2. imidazole ring
3. > SE
All H2 blockers
1. 50% bioavail except Nizitidine (90%)
2. no fx on vasc/sm mm
3. decrease basal/noct acid secretn
4. dose-dep manner
5. dep on renal fnctn (normal creatine lvls may mask poor renal Cl in old ppl)
Structure of H2 blockers
1. Cimitidine = imidazole
2. Ranitidine = furan
3. Nizitidine + Famotidine = Thiol
Zolentidine: what's so special about it?
hi lipophil so can cross BBB to blk h2r on CNS