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serotypes 01: El Tor and Classical (has more endotoxin)
Vibrio Cholera
diagnose by fecal culture on alkaline peptone w/ TCBS
Vibrio Cholera
2-3 day incubation, vomitting, abdominal distension, and watery diarrhea (short lasting)
Vibrio Cholera or EPEC (less profuse)
diarrhea mainly in children
Vibrio Cholera, Rotavirus, EPEC
toxins: heat labile LT(increases cAMP), and heat stable ST (increases cGMP)
Enterobacteria include: (3)
E coli, Shigella, Salmonella spp.
Diagnosis for ETEC
culture on MacConkey agar, ELISA to detect LT toxin
anaerobic GN comma shaped bacteria with a flagella- halophilic
Vibrio parahemolyticus
A family had oysters for dinner and a day later had severe cramping and watery diarrhea
likely Vibrio parahemolyticus
fimbriae- ETEC or EPEC?
ETEC- essential for attachment
Treatment for Giardia
Quinacrine or Metranidazole
small infective dose (3)
Giardia (10-25 cysts), Shigella (10-100), Campylobacter (500)
especially worse in immunocompromised (severe or chronic)
Giardia, Shigella, Cryptosporidium, Rotavirus,
resevoir of cryptosporidium
calves and other farm animals
Farmer with AIDS comes in with chronic diarrhea
maybe Cryptosporium parvum
A girl ate fresh strawberries then a week later had fever, malaise, 3-4 days later she had diarrhea, vomitting, and weight loss THEN intermittent diarrhea over the course of a month
Cyclospora cayetenensis
incubation and duration of Giardia
1-2 week incubation, 7-10 day duration
VP4 and VP7 determine epitopes for viral neutralization
Structures of Rotavirus vs. Norovirus, vs. Adenovirus
Rotavirus- dsRNA, segmented, nonenveloped Norovirus- RNA,32 calices in EM, Adenovirus- DNA, nonenveloped
causes 50% of gastroenteritis cases in US
diagnosis made by clinical signs: child with watery diarrhea with no leukocytes, vomitting, and HIGH fever
happens on cruise ships
viral infxn with longer and less severe diarrhea
adenovirus- lasts up to 2 weeks
reason for diarrhea in virus
inflammotory response shortens microvilli of intestine
O and H antigens
attach to ileal epithelium via specific adhesions to mannose-containing receptors
Salmonella typhi