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Circle def
A group of all points in a plane that are equidistant around a given point
Radius def
A segment with endpoints that are the center of the circle and the point on the circle. All radii are congruent
Chord def
Any segment whose endpoints are on the circle
Diameter def
A chord that passes through the center of the circle (longest chord)
the distance around a circle (the circle's perimeter)
Pi x the diameter
Central Angle
An angle formed by 2 radii and the vertex is at the center of the circle
The sum of the central angle angles with no common points is...
Arc def
An unbroken part of a circle
the measure of the arc is equal to
the central angle
Minor arc
- LESS THAN 180 degrees, named with two letters
Major Arc
more than 180 degrees, named with three letters
a 180 degree arc formed by a diameter, named with three letters
Adjacent arcs
arcs that have exactly one point in common
Arc Addition postulate
two arcs can be added together to make a larger arc
Length of an arc
Pi x Diameter=, Pi(d) (x/360)= length of the arc
In a circle, or in congruent circles, two minor arcs are congruent IFF
their corresponding chords are congruent
IN a circle, if a diameter or radius is perpendicular to a chord, then...
it bisects that chord and it's arc.
In a circle, or in two congruent circles, two chords are concruent IFF
they are equidistant from the center of the circle.
Inscribed angle
An angle formed by two chords whose vertex is on the circle
The measure of an inscribed angle is
equal to the measure of its arc
If 2 inscribed angles in the same circle (or in two congruent circles) intercept the same arcs (or congruent arcs)
then the 2 angles are congruent
If an angle intercepts a semicircle, then
that angle is a right angle.
If a quadrilateral is inscribed in a circle,
then the opposite angles are supplementary