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Central angles are __________ to their opposite arc
Inscribed angles are ______ the opposite arc
one half of
radii and tangents are
tangent-secant angles are
half their opposite arc
an inscribed triangle angle measure=s
90 degrees
opposite angles in an inscribed quadrilateral are
any central angle is equal to the average of
its adjacent arc and the adjacent arc of itsvertical angle
IF TWO SECANTS starting from the same exterior point create an angle, it is equal to
the two numbers subtracted and divided by two
if two tangents going to a circle are from the same exterior point, then they are
When a diameter is perpendicular to a chord, it
cuts the arc and the segment in half
if two chords are equal,
the two arcs that correspond from those are equal
arc length formula
circumference x (angle meas. / 360)