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What is the order of Mohs Hardness Scale?
1&2-Fingernail will scratch the mineral
3 -Penny will be scratched by the
6 -Iron Nail
7 -glass will be scrathched by the
mineral (feel for the groove left behind in glass plate)
How directions of cleavage is possible and what do can you look for to tell?
What type of mineral does not have any type of cleavage?
hexagonal prisms
What is the name of the mineral that is strongly magnetic?
What are the only two minerals in your lab manual that are classified as metallic?
<fool's gold and Hardness 0f 6-6.5>

<silvery to dull- c:3 H2.5>
What is the difference between Halite and Calcite? What colors do each come in?
halite tastes like salt, but the major difference is:
-the angles between the cleavage planes

*Halite-colorless to white (salty taste)
*Calcite-white,tan,green,or yellow
What are the characteristics of a quartz?
-it has No cleavage, hardness of 7, and can come in a variety of colors.

(not only pink and clear)
What are sedimentary rocks?
pieces of things put together
What are the two characteristics that make up a sedimentary clastic rock?
-cementation and compaction
What are the two characteristics that make up a non clastic sedimentary rock?
-inorganic and organic (shells/ plant or animal fossil parts)
What does it mean when particles are well sorted?
rock has uniform grain size

*the longer and farther particles travel from the source, the rounder they are
Where do felsic rocks come from?
the continental crust
Where do mafic rocks come from?
oceanic crust
What are the terms used to to describe the color of an igneous rock?
-felsic <light colored; quartz,plagioclase,orthoclase)

-mafic <dark colored; hornblende, amphibole,pyroxene>

-intermediate <50/50 mix; dark and light>
What are the terms used to describe the texture of an igneous rock?
-phaneritic <large crystals; slow cooling>

-aphaneritic <small crystals; cooled more quickly at the surface

-porphyritic <mix of large/small crystals>

-Glassy <no crystals; extremely fast cooling>
What is contact metamorphism?
where rocks are directly touching the source of heat and are altered

*high T- low P
What is regional metamorphism?
regions outside the contact area

*medium T- high P
Where would these rocks fall in the index minerals chart? (Muscovite& Biotite mica, Garnet, chlorite, and Staurolite)
High grade- Staurolite

High/Medium grade- Garnet

Medium/Low grade- Biotite Mica & Muscovite mica

Low grade- chlorite
What is foliation?
-the alignment of platy minerals due to change in T,P, or X
What are the 4 types of foliation?
What are the chracteristics of a slaty foliation?
-low grade, fine grains, parallel foliation
What are the characteristics of a phyllitic foliation?
-low to medium grade, shiny and wavy appearance

*index minerals include biotite, muscovite
What are the characteristics of the schistocity foliation?
-medium grade, larger grains, flaky,parallel alignment (garnet)
What are the characteristics of a Gneissic folliation?
high grade, branded light and dark minerals, coarsegrains, wavy and stretched
What is a meteamorphic rock?
-any rock that has been altered due to: temp., pressure, or chemical interaction