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How much would you pay for a gallon of gasoline in the Netherlands?
What is the most abundant sedimentary rock on the earth?
The United States produces about 5% of the world's energy supply. What percentage of the world's energy supply do we consume in the United States?
In what country will you pay only $0.12 for a gallon of gasoline?
What is the most abundant chemical sedimentary rock on the earth?
From what coutry does the United States import most of its oil?
List 5 reasons why sedimentary rocks are so important:
Sedimentary rocks provide us with:
1) Fossils (give us historical evidence)
2) Crush stone (construction)
3) Minerals
4) Groundwater
5) Energy resources (coal natural gas, etc.)
What famous quartz sandstone exists in Colorado?
Cliffhouse Sandstone
What chemical sedimentary rocks are made up of evaporate minerals?
1) rock gypsum (gypsum)
2) rock salt (halite)
How does dolostone form?
Dolostone starts out as limestone, but later turns into dolostone as the mineral dolomite replaces calcite.
Clastic sedimentary rock made up of angular fragments w/ very sharp corner and edges:
Limestone which has some dissolution of its shells, but there are still a few that are able to be seen:
Skeletal “some” (chemical)
What chemical sedimentary rock is made up of the mineral quartz?
Clastic sedimentary rocks are classified primarily on the basis of:
Texture and particle/grain size
What are the 3 most common cement minerals?
1) quartz
2) calcite
3) iron oxides
Famous red quartz sandstone in Australia:
Ayers Rock
What is the most important resource that sedimentary rocks provide us?
All of our energy resources (coal, natural gas, etc.)
Approximately how much lignite is produced in Louisiana every year?
3.5 million tons per year
Limestone deposits are composed primarily of __________.
What kind of chemical sedimentary rock do the minerals gypsum and halite form?
Sedimentary rocks made up of minerals that precipitate directly from water:
Chemical sedimentary rocks
Sandstone composed primarily of the mineral quartz:
Quartz sandstone (clastic/cementation)
What 2 clastic sedimentary rocks are made from the sediment gravel?
1) Conglomerate (smooth)
2) Breccia (sharp)
Mud that has been compacted:
Mudrock (clastic)
Limestone that contains microscopic shells; not able to see shells w/ the naked eye:
Chalk “small” (chemical)
What type of sandstone is very resistant to weathering?
Well cemented sandstone
How is lignite uncovered?
By surface mining
Sedimentary rocks composed primarily of plant fragments; because of this, they lack minerals:
What chemical sedimentary rock is made up of the mineral quartz?
Sandstone that contains at least 25% feldspars:
Arkose (clastic)
Process that converts muddy sediments in to sedimentary rocks by packing them into a solid mass:
What 2 things must exist in order to form an evaporate?
1) Shallow water
2) A hot, dry climate
Sedimentary rock composed of the mineral dolomite:
Dolostone (chemical)
What is the most abundant clastic (detrital) sedimentary rock?
Very coarse-grained sedimentary rock consisting of rounded clasts and smooth edges:
Sedimentary rock that consists of quartz and sand grains cemented together:
Sandstone (clastic/cementation)
What type of sandstone has unfilled spaces that work well w/ fluids?
Poorly cemented sandstone (weathers easily)
What is conducted after every completed lignite mining operation?
Reclamation activities
(Once lignite has been removed, the land must be graded to resemble the shape it had before mining took place).
What are the 3 types of sedimentary rocks?
1) clastic
2) chemical
3) organic
All of the processes that convert sediments into sedimentary rocks:
Skeletal limestone mountain that formed from a reef in the ocean millions of years ago:
Guadalupe Mts.
Type of sedimentary rock that forms from either compaction or cementation of existing sediments:
What sedimentary rock discovery was evidence of plate tectonics?
Chert (it was found on land rather than the ocean)
What type of sandstone works best w/ construction?
Well cemented sandstone (very resistant to weathering)
Limestone that has almost no dissolving of its shells; shells can be seen throughout the rock:
Coquina “all” (chemical)
What chemical sedimentary rock is formed from microscopic organisms w/ silica-rich shells?
Process in which minerals glue existing grains of sand or gravel together by partially or completely filling the spaces between clasts:
Sedimentary rock composed of calcite:
Limestone (chemical)
The precipitation of rocks from certain dissolved minerals:
What is the primary mechanism used to identify chemical sedimentary rocks?
Limestone in which the shells have completely dissolved:
Crystalline “none” (chemical)
What country has the most abundant coal reserves in the world?
North America
What state produces the most coal in the United States?