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What is a primary industry ??
collection, extraction or growth of raw materials eg farming
What is a secondary industry ??
Processing of raw materials eg oil refinery
What is a tertiary industry ??
provision of services eg banks
what is a quatenary industry ??
Research or development in the latest tecnology
What is arable farming ??
Growing of crops
What is pastoral farming ??
The rearing of animals.
When did the Bhopal disaster occur ??
When did the Montserrat eruption occur ??
When did the Kobe earthquake occur ??
What is an epicentre ?
The centre of the Earthquake above where the rocks collapsed
What is the Richter scale ??
A scale which measures earthquakes scientifically.
What is the Mercalli scale ??
It measures the damage caused by an earthquake.
What are the differences between continental and oceanic plates ??
Oceanic = heavier, thinner + continually being destroyed + made
Name an example of a fold mountain range ??
Himalayas in Nepal.
Name a volcano island ??
The island of Surtzy.
Name a composite volcano ??
Why do people live near volcanoes??
Soil=fertile, minerals may be found nearby, beauty attracts tourists + Geothermal energy can be harnessed there
Name a fault
San Andreas fault in California
What are igneous rocks formed from ??
How are sedimentary rocks formed ?
Sediment put under lots of pressure.
How are metamorphic rocks formed ??
Igneous or sedimentary rocks put under lots of pressure heat builds up + causes them to change
Where does onion skin weathering occur ??
The desert
What rocks can be corroded ??
Limestone + Chalk
Where does freeze-thaw weathering occur ??
Mountain ranges
What are constructive waves ??
Waves that deposit sediment