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a form of economic and social organization characterized by the profit motive and the control of the means of production, distribution and the exchange of goods by private ownership.
Cognitive Distance
the distance that people perceive to exist in a given situation
Cognitive Space
space defined and measured in terms o fthe nature and degree of people's values, feelings, beliefs and perceptions about locations, districts and regions
Distance-Decay Function
The rate at which a particular activity or process diminishes with increasing distance.
Economies of Scale
cost advantages to manufacturers that accrue from high-volume production, since the average cost of production falls with increasing output
Formal Region
groups of areal units that have a high degree of homogeneity in terms of particular distinguishing features
Friction of Distance
the deterrent or inhibiting effect of distance on human activity
Functional Region
regions with some variability in certain attributes but with an overall coherence to the structure and dynamics of economic, political and social organization
Geographic Information System (GIS)
an organized collection of computer hardware, software, and geographic data that is designed to capture, store, update, manipulate and display geographically referenced information
Global Positioning System (GPS)
a system of satellites that orbit the Earth on precisely predictable paths, broadcasting highly accurate time and locational information
the sense that people make of themselves through their subjective feelings based on their everyday experiences and wider social relations
the underlying framework of services and amenities needed to facilitate productive activity
the angular distance of a point on Earth's surface, measured N and S from the equator
the angular distance of a point on the Earth's surface, measured E and W from the prime meridian (the line that passes through both poles and through Greenwich, England)
The establishment and maintenance of political and legal domination by a state over a separate and alien society