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てん in 自てん車 (じてんしゃ, bicycle), in うんてんする (to drive), in 回てんずし (kaitenzushi)
ころ in ころぶ (to tumble, to fall down)
か in かりる (to borrow)
しゃく in しゃく地 (しゃくち, rented land), in しゃく家 (しゃくや, rented house)
しゃっ in しゃっ金 (しゃっきん, debt)
はし in はしる (to run), in はしり書き (はしりがき, hasty writing)
そう in だっそう (escape from a prison)
たて in たて物 (たてもの, building), in たてる (to build), in たつ (to be built)
けん in けん国 (けんこく, founding a nation)
ち in ち下 (ちか, underground), in ち下てつ (ちかてつ, subway), in ちず (map), in ちきゅう (earth, globe)
じ in じしん (earthquake)
ば in 広ば (ひろば, square, open space), in ば所 (ばしょ, place), in ば合 (ばあい, case), じょう in ちゅう車じょう (ちゅうしゃじょう, parking garage)
あし (foot, leg)
た in たりる (to be sufficient)
そく in 一そく (いっそく, one pair of shoes), in 水ぶそく (みずぶそく, lack of water)
とお in とおる (to go through, to pass)
かよ in かよう (to commute)
つう in つう学 (つうがく, going to school), in つうきん (going to work)