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If the surface area of a cel increases 100times, it's volume increases
1000 times
the rate at which wastes are produced by a cell depends on the cell's
the process by which a cell divides into 2 daughter cells is called
when during the cell cycle are chromosomes visible?
only during cell division
what happens in the G2 phase?
(which pair is correct?)
G2 Phase, preparaton for mitosis
when during the cell cycle is a cell's DNA replicated?
S phase
the structure labeled A in figure 10-2 is called

(center of a chromosome)
the structures labeled B in figure 10-2 are called

(2 parts of a chromosome)
sister chromatids
what is the phases of mitosis in proper sequence
prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase
what is the role of the spindle during mitosis
it helps separate the chromosomes
one difference between plant cells and animal cells is that plant cells have
a cell plate
during normal mitotic cell division a parent cell having four chroosomes will produce 2 daughter cells each having
four chromosomes
cells grown in a petri dish tend to divide until they form the middle of the dish, the cells bordering the open space will begin dividing until they have filled the empty space.

what does this experiment show
when the cell comes into contact with other cells, they stop growing

the controls on cell growth and division can be turned on/off

cell division can be reguided
what regulates the cell cycle?
cyclins and CDK
what contains a nucleus
which organelle converts the chemical energy stored in food into compounds that are more convinient for the cell to use?
which means of particle transport requires energy from the cell
active transport
the diffusion of water across a selectively permeable membrane is called
the head of a phospholipid is attracted to a molecule of water because both are
hydrophilic and polar
the passageway of a channel protein allows molecules to pass through because it is
hydrophilic and polar
how does a cell indicate to a white blood cell that it is part of the body
the carbohydrate chains on the marker proteins

provide identification ion
what is the role of receptor proteins in maintaining homeostasis
it sends and recieves chemical signals
if you scrape your knee and cells are exposed to the air, the cell membranes can still function properly because
proteins are not stationary
below is the ipid composition of different membranes.

which is likely to live ithe warmer environment.
50% saturated fats, 50% unsaturated fats
which protein is associated with facilitated diffusion
channel proteins
what prevents the proteins from leaving the phospholipid bilayer
the polarity of the amino acids is identcal to that of the phospholipids
pinocytosis ad phagocytosis are both examples of
which of the following describes the structure of a fatty acid
carboxyl (COOH) functional group head
if a gamete has a chromosomal number of 12, then the organisms haploid number is
what is the diploid number of body cells containing 24 pairs of chromosomes
48 pairs
the phospholipids found in the cell membrane are made by which organelle
the smooth ER
the process whereby the cell's cytoplasm and organelles divide between 2 daughter cells is called
the chromosomes coil, the nucloili and nuclear membrane disappear, and the spindle becomes organized during
prophase I
prophase II
during mitosis chromosomes become aligned on the midplane or equator of the spindle during
in _______, the centromere replicates thus allowing the double stranded chromosomes to divide into 2 single-stranded chromosomes
when chromosomes unwind in ______, they become loosely coiled ______
telophase, chromatin
before entering meiosis I the cell has just finished
during prophase the ______ move to the poles of the cell
the name of the x-shaped regions where crossing over occurs is called
when does crossing over occur
prophase I
homologues line up side by side in a process caalled
during anaphase I of meiosis each daughtr cell leaves on member of each
the random separation of maternal and paternal chromosomes during meiosis 1 is called
meisos I beings with ____ cells