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in pedigree analysis, the individual marked with an arrow is
the 1st affected family member to be identified
if a trait is inherited in an autosomal recessive fashion, what is not true
two affected individuals can have an unaffected child
parents with normal pigmentaton have an albino chil

what is the chance that their next child wll have normal pigmentation?
almost all cases of cystic fibrosis arise as a result of mating between 2 unaffected parents. why?
the gene is very common
in sickle cell anemia, homozygotes produce
an abnormal form of hemoglobin
in autosomal dominant inheritance
2 affected individuals may have unaffected children
if a man expresses an x-linked recessive trait, we can draw what conclusion
his mother was heterozygous or homozygous
y-linked traits are
known to skip alternative generations of males
carriers only by males and transmitted only in males
the genetic concept of linakge means
2 genes are on the same chromosome
a child born is born with a lethal dominant allele.
this would seem to be impossible since either parent, had they possessed this allele, would have suffered its lethal effects. wat are the possible explanations?
a) spontaneous mutation
b) varying expressivity and not always lethal
c) delayed onset
in continuous traits such as height, crossing a tall and short organism will produce F1 that is all
intermediate height
The tall and short phenotypes in pea plants are example of
discontinuous traits
which of the following is not a characteristic of continuous variation
only a single gene pair contributes to the phenotype
in assessing the interaction between genes and the environment, which statement is most correct?
the phenotype is produced by interaction of genotype and the environment
the heritability of a trait can be defined as
the proportion of variability in a population that is caused by genetic variance
if a trait has a heritability of 1.0 this means that
all variations in the population is caused by genotypic differences
why are fingerprints useful in the study of heritability
they are objectively measured and do not change
it has frequently been observed that musical ability runs in familes.

this indicates that musial ability is
no determinations can be made from these facts alone
twins are said to be concordant for a trait when
both twins exhibit the trait
the phenomenon of regression to the mean that is observed in polygenic traits is brought about by
dominance, additive effects, gene interaction, and environmental effects