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genotype + environment 1=
phenotype 1
genotype + environmnet 2=
phenotype 2
problem 2. end of the chapter
it looked plants A,B and C

what did you first have to do?
look at the different crosses to figure out what is dominant.
problem 2
three yellow round peas crossed to a green wrinkled pea plant.
what mistake did you make?
i assumed that green was dominant.. the data on B showed that yellow was dominant.
problem 4
why do you assume the disease is X linked dominant?
because the disease is in every generation. it doesnt skip. Its X linked because fathers dont pass it on to their sons.
problem 4
why is it probably x linked?
bec if it was autosomal dominant then father would transmit to son (which we dont see)
corn plants
the endosperm is?
the endosperm is 3n and is formed by?
union of sperm c w 2 polar nuclei of the female gametophyte
corn plant
female A/a X male a/a

what will the haploid females gametophytes be?
they will either be all A or all a.
corn plant
female A/a X male a/a

what will be the 2 endosperm types?
1/2 A/A/a
1/2 a/a/a
for corn, how do you get an endosperm w A/A/A?
For A/A/A
any A/A X A/A cross will work