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Which grape variety best maintains its acidity during ripening regardless of climate or crop yield?
Which of the following grape varieties is NOT traditionally planted on chalk soils?
Cabernet Sauvignon
Which of the following varieties is NOT a cool climate grape?
Which of the following grapes are known for their wind tolerance?
Chenin Blanc and Grenache
There is more Chenin Blanc in South Africa than there is in France. True or false?
Pinot Grigio and Pinot Blanc are synonyms. True or false?
"Gewürz" translates as...
A winemaker often masks Gewürztraminer's natural bitterness with...
Residual Sugar
Which of the following grape varieties prefers its native soil?
DNA typing has determined that Cabernet Sauvignon is a cross between which two grape varieties?
sauvignon blanc and cabernet franc
Chardonnay is indigenous to...
The winemaking techniques of barrel fermentation, malo-lactic fermentation, and sur lie aging are typically applied to which of the following varieties?
What is Chenin Blanc called in South Africa?
What American term commonly refers to a Sauvignon Blanc vinified with oak influence?
Fume Blanc
Recent ampelographical research has determined that much of Chile's Pinot Bianco is actually...
Pinot Gris
Which of the following is a synonym for true Riesling?
White Riesling
What do many winemakers do to balance Riesling's searing acid levels?
Finish the wine with residual sugar.
There is more Viognier in the New World than in France. True or false?
In South America, most of what the Argentines call Pinot Bianco is actually Chenin Blanc. True or false?
Which of the following grape varieties tend to be low in acid at harvest?
Which of the following is a synonym for Pinot Gris in Germany?
Grau Burgunder
Which of the following grape varieties is NOT known for its high tannin content?
There is more acreage planted to Cabernet Sauvignon than Merlot in Bordeaux. True or false?
Which grape variety often undergoes a cold soak before fermentation begins?
Pinot Noir
What grape variety is the genetic ancestor of Zinfandel?
Recent research has determined that Syrah is a cross between which two varieties?
Dureza and Mondeuse Blanche
Which of the following reds is least succeptible to oxidation?
Cabernet Sauvignon
Which of the following is a clone of Sangiovese?
Napa Gamay is a synonym for true Gamay. True or false?
In California, Gamay Beaujolais is a lesser clone of Pinot Noir. True or false?
Which of the following does not typically have Syrah in the blend?
Which of the following is NOT a synonym for Cabernet Franc?
What is the name of the process in which the winemaker may elect to draw, or “bleed off” a small portion of the juice from the red wine fermenter?
In which country would you be most likely to hear a rosé referred to as a clarete?
Which of these is a red grape varietal used in port production?
Touriga Nacional
Which two types of Madeira are fermented on the skins and fortified when sugar levels reach 7%?
Malvasia and Bual
Where would you hear a sparkling wine referred to as a crémant?
Any region of France except Champagne
Which type of sparkling wine represents the “house style?"
What two wines are traditionally finished in American oak barrels?
Zinfandel and Rioja
Which area of France is NOT known for using Cinsault and Grenache in rosé?
Which wine would you be most likely to find aromas of blueberry and vanilla?
white merlot
Which of these is NOT a grape authorized for Sherry production?
Sanlúcar de Barrameda
Which of these is a red grape varietal used in port production?
Touriga Nacional
What is a Marsala Vergine Stravecchio Riserva?
A dry wine requiring a minimum ten years in cask
Where would you find Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay used in the production of sparkling wine?
United States and France
What is required for the successful fermentation of a sparking wine?
High acid and low sugars
Which of these items is NOT required on a US wine label?
What are the only two generic wines recognized by US law?
Sake and Vermouth
According to federal law, when a single grape variety is listed on a bottle, what percentage of the wine must come from the variety listed?
Because generic, semi-generic, and varietal names can be used by any winery or négociant, a wine producer may opt to register a proprietary name as a trademark for its exclusive use. True or false?
Where must a wine's bottling date be stamped?
On the wine cases
If a vintage date appears on a label, what percentage of the wine within the bottle must have been harvested and crushed in that year?
If a wine’s actual alcohol content is over 14%, what percentage above or below the actual amount is allowed to be printed on the label?
Plus or minus 1.0%, but cannot be below 14%
Which of the following label terms tells the consumer that the producer listed had maximum control of the product in the bottle from vine to wine?
Grown, Produced and Bottled By
For a wine to be labeled "Estate bottled" what conditions must be met?
All of the above

The wine label must bear an AVA appellation.
The winery must be located within the listed AVA.
The winery must have crushed the grapes, vinified the juice, finished, aged and bottled the wine.
The winery must have grown 100% of the grapes used for vinification on land owned or controlled by the winery.
Which of these terms is legally defined?
Produced by
A wine must be labeled "Contains Sulfites" if it contains at least a minimum of how many parts per million of sulfur compound?
10 parts per million
What item would appear ONLY on an imported (vs. domestic) bottle of wine being sold in the US?
Imported by
If a vintage is listed on an Australian bottle of wine, then 85% of the wine must be from that year. True or false?
What are Australian appellations called?
Geographical Indication (GI)
If a New Zealand wine has two or more varietals listed on the label, what is the combined total of those varietals?
The higher designations in the EU labeling system are more specific about the geographic origin or the grapes. True or false?
A wine labeled IGT is from what country?
What is German table wine called that does not come from a specific geographic region?
Which French category of wine is a temporary status for wines that have the potential to move to the highest category?
Vin Délimité de Qualité Supériere (VDQS)
French geographic designations can dictate what specific growing and winemaking practices?
All of the above

Which grapes may be planted
How the grapes are to be cultivated and harvested
Which winemaking techniques may be used to turn the grapes into wine
What is the term for an Italian wine that receives extended aging before release?
What category of Italian wine is considered an affordable wine that can be made from grapes grown anywhere in the country?
Vini da Tavola
What category of Italian wine has the strictest limits on yield and the longest minimum aging requirements?
What is the anbaugebiete divided into?
39 bereich
What is a delineated set of German vineyards that are similar enough to be grouped together called?
A grosslage
An einzellage may be divided among multiple owners. True or false?
What is the must weight of a must with a specific gravity of 1.068?
68 degrees oechsle
A QbA wine may NOT be chaptalized. True or false?
In ascending order, from the lowest to highest degree of ripeness, what are the prädikat levels?
Kabinett, Spätlese, Auslese, Beerenauslese, Eiswein, Trockenbeerenauslese
What is "noble mixture?"
The higher designations in the EU labeling system are more specific about the geographic origin or the grapes. True or false?
Which category of French wine accounts for about half of all wine produced in France?
Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée
What will increase the release of a wine's aromatics?
all of the above

Warming the glass (and the wine) by holding the bowl of the wineglass in your hands.
Swirling the wine in the glass.
Decanting the bottle before pouring the wine into the glass.
What sense gives us the least accurate information about a wine?
What colors can indicate high pH in a wine?
Gold notes in a white wine; blue notes in a red wine
What is the most familiar and frequently used sense?
What colors denote an older, mature red wine?
Brick reds
Which of the following steps, procedures, or supplies is INAPPROPRIATE for a professional wine tasting set up?
Place deodorizers in the room to scent the air
Which of the following statements is true?
The tongue map is a map of maximum sensitivity.
Which of the following statements is true?
The epithelium is the sense organ responsible for smell.
In normal breathing, what percentage of the air inhaled contacts the epithelium?
What colors indicate that a wine hails from a cool growing region or was made from unripe grapes?
Pale yellow-greens
Humans are least sensitive to what taste sensation?
How many aromas can a human be trained to IDENTIFY?
What is umami?
A savory taste sensation.
Which wine tasting protocol listed below is INCORRECT?
In order for all wines to show to best advantage, they should be poured: sweet before dry, fine before modest, and full-bodied before light-bodied.
Humans are most sensitive to what taste sensation?
Within what temperature range should full-bodied reds be served?
62-68 degrees F
Pulling the cork and allowing the wine to stand open does little to help aerate a wine. True or false?
Which of the following is a false statement?
An estimated 1% of all wine bottled today is affected by cork taint.
Why is a wine decanted?
All of the above
What sense is the most important tool in wine evaluation?
Which of the following wine storage conditions are NOT ideal?
A temperate, 75 degree F environment
Match the color of the entree with the color of the wine. True or False?
The first step in pairing food and wine is to determine the weights of the wine and food, and ensure that they are as similar as possible. True or False?
It is important that the food and wine both come from the same country. True or False?
How can you prevent a specific food or wine from overpowering each other?
Always avoid "deadly" ingredients (Vinegar, asparagus, watercress, quiche etc.)True or False?
Ensure that the weight / body of the food and wine is always balanced.
What term describes the feeling of the food in your mouth?
What is the dominant flavor in chinese garlic chicken?
Which of these applies to a light bodied Chardonnay with citrus flavors served with a sauteed shrimp in a light bodied garlic and olive oil sauce with a twist of lemon?
Both A and C
Contrast is when the wine and food have different flavors and /or textures. True or false?
Which of these is an example of contrasting flavor and contrasting texture?
Sauvignon Blanc with Broiled Snapper and Tomato / Caper Cream Sauce
What general type of cheese typically pairs best with a sweet wine or a full-flavored wine such as Zinfandel?
Blue-Veined Cheese (like Gorgonzola)
Which famous chef first discussed "problematic" ingredients?
Julia Child
According to a Gallup poll (July 2005) what is the most preferred alcoholic beverage of choice by Americans?
The addition of wine to the grocery shopping cart increases a customers' total expenditure by MORE than just the price of the wine being purchased. True or false?
Professional wine sales skills in a restaurant may lead to which of the following?
all of the above
What is the first step of professional wine sales and service?
Approach and assess the customer's needs
Which of these is part of "the casual Italian wine mindset?"
The type of wine doesn't matter.
Which of these is NOT part of "knowing the wines in your shop / on your list?"
Being able to sell wines that are part of a promotion or sales incentive.
Which of these is NOT part of the "Five A's" of Professional Wine Sales and Service?
Analyze and Assess the customer's needs.
Which varietal can have typical aromas of strawberry, raspberry, and leather?
Pinot Noir
Food and wine pairing is based on understanding right and wrong food pairing rules. True or false?
If a customer believes that a particular favorite food and wine will pair well together, then it is the job of the wine professional to support their choice. True or false?
Contrasting flavors in the food and the wine can oftentimes make the flavors of the individual food and wine more pronounced. True or false?
In a restaurant setting, when two or more guests are interested in the same wine by the glass, it is appropriate to suggest the full bottle as the better value. True or False?
Which restaurant wine service protocol is INCORRECT?
Wine glasses are always set to the left of the waterglass, above the fork on the left side of the place setting.
Chilling the bottle reduces the pressure inside a bottle of sparkling wine and allows for more control of the cork when opening. True or false?
If the host approves a second bottle of the same wine for the table, the server should bring fresh glasses for everyone. True or false?
Why is a wine decanted?
all of the above
How many atmospheres of pressure are trapped inside a bottle of sparkling wine?