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What does the Sims's position do??
Distributes the weight on the clavicle, humerus, and anterior ilium.
Dorsiflexion of the feet can be prevented by using:
Hi top sneakers
When placing an elderly patient in the Fowler's position, you must:
Raise the head of the bed to 45 degrees.
A common pressure point for a patient in the supine position is the:
The oblique side lying (lateral) position is helpful because??
It takes pressure off of the trochanter and shoulder
When dangling a patient, monitor for??
Orthostatic hypotension and dizziness.
When a patient falls, you document in the nurses notes??
Any patient-stated cause of fall
What are the three basic positions?
Supine, side-lying, prone
What are positions that are variations on the supine position?
Fowlers (head of bed raised 60-90 degrees)
Semi-fowlers (head of bed raised 30-60 degrees)
Low Fowler's (head of bed raised 15-30 degrees)
What are nursing diagnoses commonly used for problems in movement?
1. Risk for injury
2. Impaired physical mobility
3. Risk for impaired skin integrity
4. Impaired walking
What are the two main factors in development of pressure ulcers?
1. Shearing force
2. Pressure
Balance of the body is maintained by??
A line of gravity passing through the base of support
Prolonged pressure on the sacrum causes the skin, blood vessels, and muscles to:
Become compact and flattened out
If you feed a patient from a tray, and he moves a piece of bread in his hand to his mouth, what movement does he use?
Internal rotation of the shoulder
When you are ambulating a patient for the first time after a stroke on the left side what do you do?
Encourage him to walk as normally as possible and have his right heel strike the ground first.
If a stroke patient should fall, the probable reason is that:
His affected leg is unable to support the weight of the body.
Before transferring a patient from bed to chair, the nurse should??
Tighten the abdominal, gluteal, and thigh muscles before starting the transfer.
If you are doing ROM on a patient, and you raise the patient's arm straight out from the side to shoulder height, this is called??
Common positioning devices include what??
pillows, boots, splints, high-top sneakers, trochanter rolls, sandbags, trapeze bars, siderails, and bedboards
What is the technique where the patient is turned as a single unit?
Lift sheet supports the patient where?
From the shoulders to below the buttocks.
Transferring devices include what??
mechanical lifts, roller boards, slide boards, lift or pull sheets, and transfer or gait belts
________motions are better than __________ motions
Pulling Pushing
Wheelchairs and stretchers are pushed to __________??
Maintain alignment
If a patient is weak or partially paralyzed on one side, which side do you support him on??
The unaffected side
A transfer belt is also called what??
gait belt