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Why do you think Ruby became sick?
wanting to prove he was "as young as ever", he overworked himself.
What does Sun Ho learn by watching Ruby?
how to juggle, pile grapefruits, work the register, choose produce at the market, and bargain for the best price.
What do you think will happen between Sun Ho and Ruby?
Read on to page 138 to find the answer.
What does Ruby do each morning?
gets up, exercises, goes to the market.
Why did everyone on Delano Street appreciate Ruby?
He ran his store well and treated his customers well.
Ruby's motto is "I take care"
he care about in his store?
The fruit and vegetables, how they look. He also cares about his customers.
Do you think Ruby will be happy in his life? What kinds of things might he do?
He trusts Sun Ho. He will retire to the mountains.
How is Ruby like an artist?
His produce displays look like paintings.
Why did Ruby finally decide to retire?
He realized that he was older and that Sun Ho would take care of his store.
Why do you think Sun Ho is so shy?
He is young and from a different culture.
What did Trudy think about the way Ruby worked?
She thought he worked too hard should retire.
How do you think the people of Delano street felt when they read the sign on Ruby's store? Why did they feel that way?
Various answers.
Encourage Why.
What does Ruby find when he goes to reopen his store?
It is already open. Sun Ho's entire family is running it.