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ferio, ferire, -, -
hit, strike; strike a bargain; kill, slay
insero, inserere, inserui, insertus
insero, inserere, inserui, insertus
atavus, atavi
great-great-great grandfather, father of abavus/abavia; far ancestor, forefather
editus, edita, editum
curriculum, curriculi
act of running; race; lap, track; chariot; course of action/heavenly bodies
meta, metae
cone, pyramid; end, boundary
evito, evitare, evitavi, evitatus
shun avoid
certo, certare, certavi, certatus
vie (with), contest, contend/struggle (at law/politics), dispute; fight, striv
mobilis, mobile, mobilior -or -us, mobilissimus -a -um
movable; mobile; quick, active; changeable, shifting; fickle, easily swayed
condo, condere, condidi, conditus
establish, preserve
horreum, horrei
storehouse; barn
area, areae
open space; park, playground; plot; threshing floor
findo, findere, fidi, fissus
split, cleave, divide
sarculum, sarculi
condicio, condicionis
arrangement, terms
demoveo, demovere, demovi, demotus
dislodge, remove
trabs, trabis
tree trunk; log, club, spear; beam, timber, rafter; ship, vessel; roof, house;
luctor, luctari, luctatus sum
wrestle; struggle; fight (against)
Africus, Africi
the southwest wind
rus, ruris
country, farm
ratis, ratis
raft; ship, boat
quassus, quassa, quassum
shaking, battered, bruised
poculum, poculi
drinking cup; drink; portion
demo, demere, dempsi, dempus
take/cut away/off, remove, withdraw; subtract; take away from
arbutus, arbuti
strawberry tree
sterno, sternere, stravi, stratus
spread, strew, scatter; lay out
lenis, lenis, lene
gentle, kind, light; smooth, mild, easy, calm
lituus, litui
a kind of war-trumpet curved at one end
tuba, tubae
catulus, catuli
young dog, puppy, whelp
rumpo, rumpere, rupi, ruptus
break; destroy
teres, (gen.), teretis
smooth; tapering
plaga, plagae
hunting net, snare, trap
frons, frontis
forehead, brow; face; look; front; fore part of anything
frons, frondis
foliage, leaves, leafy branch, green bough, frond
nemus, nemoris
wood, forest, grove
levis, leve, levior -or -us, levissimus -a -um
light, thin, trivial, trifling, slight; gentle
secerno, secernere, secrevi, secretus
tibia, tibia
flute, pipei; (tube with holes for stops)
cohibeo, cohibere, cohibui, cohibitus
hold back, restrain, curb, hinder; confine
tendo, tendere, tetendi, tensus
stretch, tune
barbitos, barbiti
lyre (properly of a lower pitch)