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Amor, Amoris
Masculine; Love
Flamma, Flammae
Feminine; Flame
Frater, Fratris
Masculine; Brother
Mater, Matris
Feminine; Mother
Nepos, Nepotis
Masculine or Feminine; Grandson or Grandaughter
Pater, Patris
Masculine; Father
Soror, Sororis
Feminine; Sister
Carus, Cara, Carum
Dear, Expensive
Finitimus, Finitima, Finitimum
Adjacent, or Neighboring; or as a noun Neighbor (on a map)
Idoneus, Idonea, Idoneum
Notus, Nota, Notum
Known, Well known
Propinquus, Propinqua, Proqinquum
Near, or Close; as a noun means kinsman, or relative
Vicinus, Vicina, Vicinum
Near, or Neighboring; or as a noun means Neighbor (as in a neighbor)