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All the data units (DU's) are powered by what
28V DC
When will the EICAS declutter mode happen
30 seconds after landing gear retraction and slat/flap retraction
What is the reversion logic
What type of WX radar do we have
WU 880
A/S trend shows what time
10 seconds
ALT trend show what time
6 seconds
How many IRS units are there
Where do IRU 1 and 2 receive their information from
Airplane Personality Module (APM)
Alignment of the IRU on the ground takes how long
5-17 minutes
Alignment if the IRU in flight takes how long
15-30 minutes
FSTBY on the weather radar requires what to select it on the ground
Both pilots must select FSBY for it to be active
What is the normal radar sweep
60 degrees 12 sweeps per min
How does the radar operate in the half range
30 degrees 24 sweeps per min
When will the observers radio panel be disabled
RAT deployment
The DVDR controller contains how many units

1 forward and 1 aft
How many minutes of audio is taped
120 minutes
How many minutes of digital recording is taped
120 minutes
How many hours of flight data is recorded
25 hours
When can the CVR audio portion be erased
Only when on ground with the parking brake set
Can you erase the flight data by setting the parking brake
No only the audio can be erased
The fwd and aft switch on the DVDR is for what
MX function only
What does the test button do on the DVDR
It tests both units at the same time
On the EGPWS when a SINK RATE warning is presented this is how many seconds to impact
On the EGPWS when a PULL UP warning is presented this is how many seconds to impact
Anything in red on the terrain warning is at what altitude
2000 ft above your current A/C altitude
When altitude can the G/S inhibit button be used
Below 2000 ft
How long does the volume knob allow adjust for when switching frequency on the volume screen
30 seconds
What is the priority order for aircraft position awarness
5.Dead Reckoning
What is VHF #3 primarily used for