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What are the only flight controls that are not fly-by-wire
What is the differece between normal mode and direct mode
There are no higer level functions in direct mode. The FSM has been removed and the system has become analog inputs rather than digital
What is trim system priority
Back up
How is roll controlled
Ailerons and multifunction spoilers (3 outboard)
How many multifunction spoilers on each wing
What is the function of the multifunction spoilers
3 outboard spoilers are used for roll control and ground spoilers

2 inboard are only used for ground spoilers
When will the speed brakes automatically close
Flaps at 2 or better
Airspeed <180
TLA>60 degrees
What is the slat/flap extensions sequence
Slats extend first
Flaps retract first
Will loss of airspeed data cause the flight controls to go into direct mode
Can an FCM override pilot control
How are the flight controls trimmed
Roll and yaw=Repositioned to a new neutral position

Pitch=Horizontal stabilizer
Will the multifunction spoilers function in direct mode
Yes, but as a default fixed gain is used
Will the speed brakes/ground spoilers function in direct mode
What happens to the flight control system when the RAT is the only source of electrical power
Horizontal stabilizer trim operates at 1/2 speed

Slat/flaps operate at 1/2 speed

Slat/flaps are limited to position 3 to allow adequate airspeed for the RAT
When the RAT is the only source of electrical power how are the slat/flaps effected
Opearte 1/2 speed
Limited to position 3
When the flight controls are operating in normal mode this means they are receiving their commands via the
Flight Control Module (FCM)
How is the elevator controlled
Electrically controlled
Hydraulically actuated
The elevator has a PCU (power control unit) this acts as a what
There are two PCU's, one active and one in standby. They are hydraulic actuators that replace conventional control cables
What controls the PCU for the elevator
ACE (actuator control electronic)
What inputs higher level function to the ACE
How is the Horizontal Stabilizer controlled
Electronically controlled
Electronically actuated
What is the electric motor that moves the horizontal stabilizer called
HSA-Horizontal Stabilizer Actuator
How are the ailerons controlled
Mechanically controlled
Hydraulically actuated
What moves the ailerons
Conventional cables go to the PCU-Power Control Unit, a hydraulic actuator
Are there higher level functions associated with the ailerons
What controls the Horizontal Stabilizer Actuator (HSA)
ACE-Actuator Control Electronic
The Horizontal Stabilizer Actuator (HSA) receives trim inputs from what
Backup trim
Pitch trim
Do the multifunction spoilers have higher level functions
When do the ground spoilers deploy
-Wheel speed >45 knts or A/S >60 kias
-TLA<60 degrees
When will the ground spoilers automatically retract
-Wheel speed <45 knts
-TLA moved beyond 60 degrees after landing
What is the maximum speed brake angle in flight
30 degrees
How many slat actuators are there per side
Eight slat actuators per side provide actuation to four slat panels mounted on the leading edge of each wing
The SF-ACE contains two channels, what would happen with the failure of one channel
The slat/flap system would operate at 1/2 speed. With a dual channel failure in the slats or flaps, the system is no longer available.
How is the rudder controlled
Electrically controlled
Hydtaulically actuated
How are the slat/flaps controlled
Electrically controlled
Electrically actuated
What moves the slats/flaps on their track
PDU-Power Drive Unit
What controls the PDU (power drive unit) of the slat/flaps
ACE-Actuator Control Unit
How many leading edge slats per wing
How many positions do the slats have
15 degrees and 25 degrees
What type of flaps do we have
Double slotted fowler type
2 Per wing
What protects the flaps form assymetric conditions
Skewer Sensor
What flap lever position has a gated stop
How many degrees does of flaps and slats does full flap provide
35 degrees flaps
25 degrees slats
Will the autopilot disengage using the backup trim system
What does it mean if the FLAP EICAS position indicator is showing amber
The flaps are in transit. It will turn green when stable
What will the EICAS display if a surface jamming occurs
EICAS message plus an amber box and readout on the flap display
The backup trim switches and control wheel trim switches are dual split switches. What happens if only one side of the switch is actuated
The switch is automatically deactivated if only one side is used for more than 5 seconds
How many ACE's are installed
What results in direct mode activation
Loss of data from all FCM's (no airspeed input)
Does the feel system still work in the event of a jammed control wheel resulting in seperation
Yes, each torque tube has it's own spring but the feel will be lighter (1/2 of normal loads)
After a disconnect, the pilot's non jammed side retains control over which elevator
The on-side elevator
In the event of an aileron jam followed by a disconnect which side has normal feel
Captains side retains artificial feel
There are inner, middle, and outboard spoilers on each wing. In the event of a disconnect due to jamming which side control which spoilers
Captain side control outboards
FO controls middle
Inboards are disabled
What prevents trim runaway
There is a 3 second timer that limits trim activation to no more than 3 seconds
What is the range angle of the speed brakes
8-30 degrees
What angle do the ground spoilers deploy to
Inboard=60 degrees
Outboard=40 degrees
What does SPD-T mean
An FMA annunciation meaning speed is controlled by engine thrust climb, descent, and cruise
What does SPD-E mean
An FMA annunciation that means the auto throttle maintains a fixed thrust setting and the autopilot maintains the selected speed via the elevator
Does the IRS have automatic reversion
No, the pilot must select it. A warning on the PFD would indicate both pilots are operating on the same source
How many ADS channels are there
3 selectable by the pilot
1 for the IESS
1 for the flight controls
What is the reversionary logic of the ADS
Captain 1,3,2
FO 2,3,1
What is ADS 4 for
What does a red X mean on the DU
Information to display is lost
What does a black screen mean on the DU
Power loss
How long does the ISIS take to align
90 seconds
How many Power Control Units (PCU) are used to control the elevators
1 left outboard actuator
1 right outboard actuator
1 left inboard actuator
1 right inboard actuator
The actuators on each elevator surface operate in active and stanby mode. What would happen with the loss of hydraulic supply
The stanby PCU would become active
How many actuators are connected to the rudders
1 upper
1 lower
How is rudder control differentiated between the captain and FO
The captain commands the upper actuator and the FO commands the lower actuator
What happens in the event of a jammed rudder PCU actuator
The rudder will be hydraulically locked in the current position. Aircraft control will be established through the ailerons and roll spoilers
Why would the flap/slats operate in 1/2 speed when the RAT is deployed
The slat/flaps are on AC BUS 1 and 2 and when the RAT is powered only the AC ESS BUS will receive power.
When is a white arc automatically displayed on the PFD
Above 25000 ft, the bank button pushed in and HDG is the active roll mode (this is low bank of 17 degrees)
What pitch angle is the FPA limited to
9.9 degrees nose up or down
What is disabled when the PITCH SYS 1 cutout button is pressed
HS-ACE Channel 1
What is disabled when the PITCH SYS 2 cutout button is pressed
HS-ACE Channel 2
SLATS/FLAPS are powered how