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Middle gluteal
o. crest and gluteal surface of the ilium

i. greater trochanter
o. lumbar vertebrae and craniolateral ilium

i. lesser trochanter
Biceps femoris
o. sacrotuberous ligament and ischiatic tuberosity

i. patellar ligament, cranial part of tibia, and tuber calcanei
o. ischiatic tuberosity

i. tuber calcanei, proximal 1/3 of medial side of tibia
o. ischiatic tuberosity

i. proximal 1/3 of medial side of tibia, distal 1/3 of caudal femur
Quadriceps femoris
o. proximal femur and body of ilium

i. tibial tuberosity
Cranial tibial
o. lateral edge of cranial tibial border

i. plantar surface of base of MT I + II
Long digital extensor
o. extensor fossa of femur

i. extensor processes of distal phalanges II, III, IV, V
o. caudal surface of medial and lateral condyles of the femur

i. tuber calcanei
Superficial digital flexor
o. lateral condyle of femur

i. tuber calcanei and bases of middle phalanges II, III, IV, V
Deep digital flexor
o. proximal tibia

i. plantar surface of each distal phalanges