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purpose of sretching
to slowly increase heart rate, increase muscle temperature and prepare body for acitivity. so you dont injure yourself
stretching guidelines
1. warm up first
2. use static stretches
3. go to point of mild discomfort and hold for 30 seconds
4. 3-4 times a week
5. strech major muscle groups
6. end session w/ stretching
**start slow to losen up muscle, jog on tredmil a little first
frequency, intensity, time
rest, ice, compression, elevation
what is metabolism?
how your body burns fuel. conversion of chemcial energy to mechanical energy.
types of aerobic exersize
large muscle... swimming, joggin, walking, running cycling, cross country skiing.
4 variables of aerobics
mode, intensity, duration, frequency
testing methods
1 rep maximum,
breathing technique
breath out when you exert force.
3 types of muscles
2. cardiac
3. skeletal
responsible for all movement
most common american complaint
lower back pain
bones in the back
33 back vertabre, 24 move, 9 fused.
causes of back pain
low flexability, more weight, posture, old age.
ergogneci aids
people to for a recieved benefit. used for enhancement or improvement of physical preformance
most common erogneic aid
types of ergogenic aids
caffene, steriods,
positive responses to stress
massage, exersize, breathing
negative responses to stress
eat, sleep to aviod, drugs/alcohol, shopping, driving
hypokinetic disease
caused by a lack of physical activity
types of hypokinetic diseases
hypertension, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer
how can you prevent hypokinetic disease
exercize, good diet, dont smoke, reduce stress.