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in liver or kidney disease how is the maintenance dose and the loading dose affected
maintenance dose will DECREASE

loading dose UNCHANGED
what phase of metabolism do old peeps lose first?
Phase I
what drug is used to dx myasthenia gravis?
what drug is used for an atropine overdose and to treat glaucoma?
how do you treat an organophosphate poisoning?
atropine and pralidoxime
antidote for opioid OD?
antidote for heparin OD?
antidote for benzo OD?
antidote for acetaminophen OD?
what drugs precipitate gout?
furosemide, thiazides
what are the two partial beta agonists that are NOT for angina?
pinolol, acebutolol
what drug that is used to lower lipids can worsen gout?
what drug used to decrease lipids can cause gall stones?
antidote for Beta blocker OD?
dont forget what theophylline does
PDE inhibitor used for long term asthma control
what drug given within 8 hours of acute spinal cord injury can prevent serious long term problems
a baby with abnormalities of the skull and face and hypoplasia of finger and toe nails is what disease due to what drug?
fetal hydantoin

due to phenytoin
what do the -glitazone drugs do in diabetes?
increase the sensitivity of tissues to insulin by increasing the transcription of insulin responsive genes
benzene damages what?
bone marrow leading to pancytopenia
this drug acts as an GnRH antagonist when given in a continuous fashion and can be used to decrease the size of fibroids in chicks
this drug used for RA can cause retinal deposits
metronidazole can cause what side effect when mixed with alcohol
disulfuram-like reaction
what is the most feared side effect of macrolides?
QT prolongation
patient has strep and cant take penicillin...whats the next best drug?
patients on MAOi's must avoid cheese and wines due to their containing what?
what is the first line treatment for diabetes?
patient presents with sx's of confusion and visual problems...what have they likely OD'ed on and what is the antidote
antimuscarinic (like atropine or ipratropium)

give them a drug like physostigmine
antidote for ethylene glycol poisoning?
whats the treatment for pseudomembranous colitis?
oral vancomycin
what is the MOA of tamsulosin
alpha 1 antagonist
what is the primary goal when using niacin?
to lower triglycerides
action of tropicamide?
muscarinic antagonist
how do muscarinic receptors on smooth muscle cause relaxation?
via causing the release of NO
methotrexate can cause macrocytic anemia
did ya know that? well now you do
drug of choice for C. dificil?
oral vancomycin
cyanide poisoning does what in the body?
inhibits cytrochrome oxidase
aspirin OD does what in the body?
uncouples ox phos
chalky white deposits under the skin are seen with what ailment?
what drugs cause osteonecrosis of the jaw?
bisphosphonates (-dronates)
what drugs is a no-no for gout
pinpoint pupils in a druggy equal OD with what? whats the antidote

noloxone, naltrexone
what drug is first line for trigeminal neuralgia
what is the MOA of lamotrigine
blocks voltage gated Na channels
drug that is 1st line for preggo chicks and kids that have seizures?
moa of valproic acid
inactivate Na channels, increase GABA concentration
first line for partial seizures?
phenytoin does what to ladies upper lip?
hair growth (hirsutism)
why is valproic acid not for preggo chicks?
it can cause neural tube defects in da baby
what type of drug is thiopental
whats the most common drug for endoscopy
donepezil and galantamine are what kind of drugs?
ACh-esterase inhibitors
halperidol plus -azines are what kind of drugs? what is the MOA

they all block D2 receptors
which antipsychotics cause corneal deposits and which cause retinal deposits
Chlorpromazine---Corneal deposits

Thioridazine---reTinal deposits
confusion and hallucination in the elderly is a tox of what drugs?
convulsions, coma, cardiotox (arrhythmias)

the 3 C's for tox with what drugs?
bulimia and social phobias are treated with what?
name the TCAs
clomipramine, amitriptyline, nortriptyline, amoxapine, doxepin, imipramine, desipramine
name the SSRIs
fluoxetine, paroxetine, sertraline, citalopram
bed wetting drug?

I'M a bed wetter

first try desmopressin though
dude eats a bunch of cheese and wine (fatty) then his BP skyrockets!!! what drug was he one (name 4 potential drugs)
selegiline, isocarboxazid, phenelzine, tranylcypromine
what is tamsulosin?
an alpha 1 antagonist used to treat BPH by inhibiting smooth muscle contraction
class and moa of alprazolam

agonist at the GABA receptor
which binds the FK-binding protein and which binds mTOR

sirolimus and tacrolimus

tacrolimus---FK-binding protein
what is the first sign of magnesium tox?
loss of DTRs
what anti seizure med is known for causing SLE
the nukes (didanosine, zidovudine) can incorporate themselves into DNA...the non-nukes (efavirenz, nevirapine, declaviridine) do not
remember that shiz
what is the antidote for serotonin syndrome
dude ODs on TCAs now his EKG is showing all sorts of whacky stuff...whats the treatment?
sodium bicarb (because of the cardio involvement)
non-anion gap hyperchloric metabolic acidosis is a consequence of what diuretic?
what is first line for absence seizure treatment?
ethosuxamide or valproic acid
epilepsy drugs and their toxicities are HIGH YIELD for the test
moa of baclofen (for cerebral palsy spasms)
binds GABA-b receptors and reduces the release of excitatory neurotransmitters.
whats first line for strep?
what drug should be tried before imipramine for bed wetters?
this drug is good for treating intermittent claudication...its a PDE as well
patient is taking a drug for H. Pylori and now when he goes out in the sun he gets all red and itchy...whats the drug?
a tetracycline
whats the most common side effects of the SSRIs
weight gain, loss of libido, insomnia, nausea
H1 blockers used for allergies and what not have what side effects due to what
dry mouth, sedation

due to strong anti muscarinic activity