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What is military sanitation?
includs practice of both environmental sanitation and person hygiene, within the frame work of Army life.
What publication would you check to define field hygiene requirements?
FM 21-10, Field Hygiene and Sanitation.
What is the best protection against disease or biological warfare?
Immunization and personal hygiene.
What are the five communicable diseases grouped by the Army?
Respiratory, Intestinal, Insect borne, Venereal and Miscellaneous.
Proper foot care is essential to the foot soldier. What care should be taked to keep them clean and dry?
Wash feet daily, change socks as often as possible, and also use foot powder.
Name one of the five diseases carried by the mosquito?
Malaris, Dengue, Yellow fever Encephalitis, Filariasis.
What is one of the three diseases carried by the fly?
Typhoid, Cholera, Dysentery.
Where should you locate a latrine in relation to a messhall?
At least 100 meters downhill or downstream.
What is palatable whater?
Water which is pleasing to the taste, but which may be unsafe.
How many cans of water are required for washing mess kits in the field?
Three, one of hot, soapy water and two for rinsing.
Name two methods for human waste disposal?
Straddle trench, Urine soak pit.
What are the measurements of a straddle trench?
1 foot wide, 4 feet long, 2-1/2 feet deep.
What are the five F's in field sanitation?
Flies, fingers, feces, food and fluids.
What is a communicable disease?
A disease which can be transmitted from person to person, animal to person, and insect to person.