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Describe th roles and responsibilities of the Fire Officer I
-Supervising a single unit
-Conducting crew training
-Conducting prefire plans
-Presenting public education presentations
Describe th roles and responsibilities of the Fire Officer II
-Supervising mutiple units
-Conducting occupancy inspections
-Conducting employee performance appraisals
What are the basic principles of organization?
-Unity of command
-Span of control
-Division of labor
The four step management process includes:
Define: Rules and regulations
Developed by various government organizations to impliment a law that has been passed by a government body.
Define: Policies
Formal statements that provide guidelines for present and future actions.
Define: SOGs or SOPs
A written organizational directive that establishes or prescribes specific operationsl or administrative methods to be followed routinely for the performance of designated operations or actions.
What is the maximum number of personnel or activities that can be effectively controlled by one individual?
Span of control. (usually 3-7)
During an in-basket assessment, you should remember to...
review; prioritize; identify resources, options, and alternatives; follow-up; and notify.
A fire officers vital tasks would include...
the morning report, notifactions, and decision making and problem solving.
Who determines if a hostile workplace exists?
The complainant determines weather conditions are creating hostile workplace or sexual harassment