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according to the National Fire Protection Association, how many fires were reported in 2005
Name the five (5) primary purposes of a fire alarm system
- Life safety protection
- Property protection
- Mission or Business continuity
- Environmental protection
- Heritage preservation
Name the five (5) primary functions of a fire alarm system
- Early detection of fires
- occupant notification
- control of fire safety functions
- building system management
A fire alarm installed in a rubber tire warehouse is an example of _ protection
For purposes of fire protection, room contents are referred to as _
Which of the following are required for development of a fire
Oxygen, Ignition source, Fuel (all of the above)
Name the four (4) elements that affect fire alarm system reliability
- design
- equipment
- installation
- maintenance
The world's first public fire alarm reporting system was used in
Fusible link technology was first used for
Heat detectors
The first _ was made commercially available in the 1960s
Smoke detector
Single-station smoke alarms for dwellings are only used for
Life saftey
Air sampling smoke detectors were developed in
What type of detection was developed to protect large open areas
Projected beam smoke detectors
Street boxes are indicative of a _ system
Public fire reporting
Name the three (3) types of supervising station systems
- central station
- proprietary station
- remote station
Supervising stations that only monitor property owned by the supervising station operator are called
proprietary stations
An emergency voice/alarm communications system is usually found in a
High-rise building
The primary purpose of dwelling fire warning equipment or system is
Life safety
A _ usually provides signal information in a floor plan format
Graphic Annunciators
Failures of a power supply or wiring fault are indicated by a _ signal
An off-normal condition of a suppression system is indicated by a _ signal
Which type of sprinkler is most commonly used to protect buildings
wet pipe sprinklers
Which of the following is an alarm signal initiating device
Manual station
Addressable controls monitor devices status by _ the field devices
Interrogating or polling
conventional controls know what devices have actuated
A _ system usually requires the actuation of _ detectors to open the charging valve which floods the sprinkler piping in the protected space
Name at least three (3) types of notification appliances used to alert occupants
bells, chimes, sirens, speakers and, strobes
which of the following is not considered a fire safety control function
Fire pump monitoring
what led to the development of codes and standards in the US
direct result of large loss fires in new england near the end of the 19th century
Underwriter's laboratories was founded in
The first edition of the NEC was published in
which of the following is a code change that occurred as a result of a large loss fire
door unlocking
the safety system in the US consists of
codes and standards, product standards, and enforcement
which of the following is not an example of a standards developing organization
general services administration
codes requirements are generally based on
all of the above
- occupancy type, loading, and hazards
standards usually provide
all of the above
- installation requirements
- equipment requirements
- system performance
codes and standards usually contain ___ requirements
additional or unique requirements for a project are sometimes found in ____
project specifications
NFPA 72 alone can be used to determine the occupancy based requirements for a commercial building (other than dwelling)
Chapter __ of NFPA 72 applies to dwelling units and household fire warning equipments
local jurisdictions can change national codes to suit local needs through
NFPA 72 consists of __ technical committees
in the NFPA standards development process, there are __ different interest groups that can be applied to committee members
in the NFPA process, a committee cannot have more than ___ of the committee from a single interest group
the public may submit recommendations for changes to the technical committees by submitting a
the length of the NFPA 72 revision cycle is __ weeks
the __ contain all committee actions during a revision cycle
annex A of NFPA 72 contains
explanatory material or suggested methods
all mandatory requirements of NFPA 72 are contained in chapters
1 - 11
A vertical rule in the margin of an NFPA document indicates
a change
list three signals produced by a fire alarm system
- alarm
- supervisory
- trouble
opens and grounds result in a __ signal
alarm signals are indicative of a
fire or other life threatening emergency
a valve tamper switch, when actuated, will produce a __ signal
duct smoke detectors are sometimes permitted to cause a ___ signal in place of an alarm signal
a Mass Notification System (MNS) can be used to warn occupants of
all of the above
- fire
- tornado
- terrorist attack
Section ___ of NFPA 72 requires all circuits to be monitored for integrity
wiring between enclosures is not required to be monitored for integrity if the enclosures are less than ___ feet apart and the wiring
20/ installed in conduit
name the three types of fire alarm circuits
- Initiating device circuit (IDC)
- signaling line circuits (SLC)
- Notification Appliance circuits
conventional initiating devices can be installed on signaling line circuits using a
monitor module
initiating device circuits and notification appliance circuits monitor for integrity by
a small current through the circuit
signaling line circuits monitor for integrity by
polling, integrity devices
Notification appliances commonly use __ to prevent monitoring current to pass through the appliance circuitry
a blocking diode
all devices on signaling line circuits have unique addresses
Notification appliance circuits energize the connected appliances by
reversing polarity
conductors returning to the control unit from the last field device on the circuit might indicate a
class A circuit
secondary power supplies must supply power to protected premises fire alarm systems for a minimum of
24 hrs of standby followed by five minutes of alarm
secondary power supplies must supply to an emergency voice/alarm communications fire alarm system for minimum of
24 hrs of standby followed by 15 minutes of alarm
when an engine driven generator is used to provide secondary power, a minimum of ___ hrs of batteries are required
if a system standby load is 350 mA and the alarm load is 1.100A, what is the required capacity of a battery used for secondary power supply
a fire alarm system primary power branch-circuit disconnecting means must be __ in color
storage for a piped-in natural gas powered engine driven generator is only required for seismic risk zone ___ or greater
According to NFPA 72, fire alarm system installers must
be qualified and experienced
an ambient temp of 130 degrees F is suitable for control equipment
controls installed in locations that are not constantly attended may be protected by
smoke detectors
As a minimum, ___ is required to be separate zone for the purposes of fire alarm signaling
each floor
section __ of NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm code requires all equipment to be listed for the purpose for which it is used
water level switches are a ____ initiating device
which of the following devices will detect light energy
radiant energy detector
supervisory signal initiating devices indicate
an off normal suppression system
which of the following is a supervisory signal initiating device
room temp switch
vane (paddle) type switches are an ___ initiating device
ionization type smoke detectors use ___ as a means of detecting smoke particles
Americium 241
Light obstruction smoke detectors detect smoke by
blockage of signal from infrared LED
which of the following is an appropriate location for a photoelectric type smoke detector
elevator lobby
ionization type smoke detectors are best suited to detecting smoke particles having a size
less than one micron in width
a smoke detector that has a laser particle counter is best suited for
clean rooms
the most appropriate type of detection for an atrium is
projected beam smoke detection
Rate-of-rise heat detectors usually operate when the temp rise is __ degrees per min
the time difference between the ceiling temp and the sensing element reaching the same temp is called
thermal lag
total coverage is
defined by NFPA 72, but required by building codes
total coverage include inaccessible combustible area
wall mounted spot-type smoke and heat detectors are installed so that the top of the detector is
4-12" from the ceiling
ceiling mounted spot-type smoke and heat detectors are installed so that the edge of the detector is at least
4" from the wall
heat detectors should be selected to operate at least __ degrees F above the maximum expected ambient temp in the protected space
Manual fire alarm boxes must be mounted no higher than __ for front reach applications
it is permitted to install smoke detectors in an ambient temp of 115 degrees F
water flow switches are permitted to have a time delay, or retard, up to __ sec
smoke detectors have a listed spacing of
none of the above
- 25'
- 30'
- 50'
for level non-smooth ceiling, section of NFPA 72 permits the smooth ceiling spacing of spot type smoke detectors for beams or joists with depths up to __ percent of the ceiling height
NFPA 72 permits __ to be used as a guide for smoke detectors spacing on smooth and level ceilings
which of the following locations is a good candidate for mechanical protection of smoke detectors
college dormitories
valve supervisory initiating devices must initiate a supervisory signal within __ revolution of the hand wheel, or __ of the travel distance of the valve
2, 1/5
pressure supervisory switches must indicate ___ PSI from nominal pressure
vane (paddle) type waterflow switches cannot be used on what type of system
the spacing of heat detectors on ceilings with joists is generally reduced by ___
1/3 in the direction parallel to the joists
the spacing of smoke detectors on ceilings with beams ___, for beams depths more than ten percent (10%) of the ceiling height
requires a smoke detector in each bean pocket
notification appliances used outdoors my result in ___ unless listed for such use
ground faults
mechanical covers or protection for notification appliances may
all of the above
installation instructions for notification appliances are found on
product cut sheets
the type of audible appliance used on EVAC systems is a
Which of the following is an audible textual appliance
both audible and visible appliances can be wired on the same circuit
sound pressure level is always measured using the ___ scale
A weighted
visible notification appliances are required when the ambient SPL is greater than
105 dBA
the minimum required SPL for public mode signaling is the greater of
15 dBA above the average ambient or five dBA above the maximum
the minimum required SPL for private mode signaling is
10 dBA above the average ambient or five dBA above the max
audible notification appliances must be mounted
80" above finished floor, not less than 6" from the ceiling
combination audio/visible notification appliances must be mounted __ above finished floor
80 - 96"
private mode signaling is permitted in
elevator cars
a sleeping room with an ambient SPL of 45 dBA must have __ dBA at the pillow
a speaker tapped at its highest setting will likely suffer from
visible notification appliances used for public mode signaling (for the hearing impaired) must be listed to UL
According to NFPA 72, visible notification appliance for non-sleeping areas must be mounted between __ and __ inches above the finished floor
According to NFPA 72, a 20 foot by 20 foot room or area with a 10 foot ceiling is best covered by a __ cd visible notification appliance, centered on one wall
visible appliances in sleeping areas must be within __ of pillow
sleeping areas visible appliances mounted 28 inches from a ceiling must have a minimum rating of __ cd
telephone stations must be mounted ___ above the finished floor
36 - 66"
A 20 foot by 20 foot room with 30 foot high ceiling requires at a minimum a ___ ceiling mounted strobe
55 cd
an example of a textual visible display is
strobes must be synchronized when
there are more than two appliances in a field of view
a smoke alarm with an integral strobe must be mounted at ___ below the ceiling where intended to be used for sleeping rooms
4 - 11"
corridor visible notification appliances must be installed a maximum of __ from each end of the corridor
corridor visible notification appliances can be mounted on the wall of the corridor
which article of NEC covers burglary system wiring
article 725
non power-limited circuits operate with voltages up to
600 v
tables __ provide limitations for power-limited circuits
12A and 12B
non power-limited speaker circuits may operate at __ volts
power-limited wiring requirements are found in part ___ of article 760
power-limited equipment is determined to meet the limitations by
the manufacturer
under certain conditions, non power-limited circuits may be in the same cable, raceway, or enclosures as
class 1 circuits
power-limited fire alarm circuits extending from one floor to another must use __ cable
type FPLR
Multi-conductor power-limited fire alarm cables must be a minimum size of
AWG 26
using NEC table 760.154(D) (760.61 (D) ), provide two alternative multi - conductor cable type for Type FPLR cable
what cable type is suitable for two hrs of direct attack by fire
- mineral insulated (MI) cable
- circuit integrity (CI) cable
Fire alarm circuit survivability is required for
partial evacuation or relocation
circuit integrity (CI) cable can be spliced between the controls and the zone it serves
power-limited circuits may be wired using
all of the above
Assuming that there are no approved separations between conductors, conductors of which of the following are permitted in the same cable or raceway as power-limited circuit conductors
class 2
failure to remove conduit burrs usually results in
insulation damage and resulting ground faults
the proper non power-limited cable for riser use is
describe the conditions under which abandoned fire alarm cables are permitted to remain in a building
only where tagged foe fure use
non power-limited circuits may be wired using what methods
- chapter 3 methods
- non power-limited wiring methods
where non power-limited wiring is installed exposed, it must be mechanically protected within __ of the finished floor
fire alarm circuit conductors above a suspended ceiling may use the same support wires that support the ceiling grid
fire alarm cables are permitted to be strapped to other conduit
the location of unit resistances for copper wire is found in __ of the NEC
table 8
an AWG 18 uncoated solid copper has a unit resistance of __ ohms per 1,000 feet
A circuit that is 1,500 feet from the control unit to the last device will have a loop resistance of __ ohms, when an AWG 18 uncoated soild copper is used
what is the length of a #16 solid coated copper conductor having a resistance of 23.5 ohms
fire-stopping materials are always listed
a fire-stopping classification having a minimum F rating of __ must be used on a two hr rating fire wall to resist the passage of flames
section __ of the NEC requires electrical penetration to be fire-stopped
a fire-stopping material that expands when heated is referred to as
a cable tray is considered as a __ penetration
a combination burglary/fire alarm system listed for household use may be used in a small mercantile occupancy
control relays or modules must be located within ___ of __
3'/ the controlled circuit or device
According to NFPA 72, how many water-flow alarm-initiating devices may be connected to an initiating device circuit
According to NFPA 72, how many supervisory initiating devices may be connected to an initiating device circuit
which of the following systems is not required to be connected to the fire alarm system
kitchen hood
electric fire pumps must be supervised for
phase reversal
diesel fire pumps must be supervised for
over temperature
smoke detectors installed in elevator lobbies for elevator phase I recall must be installed within __ of the centerline of each elevator car controlled by the detector
what minimum number of fire alarm control circuits (for Phase I recall) is required for each group of elevators
the __ is selected by the Authority having jurisdiction
designated elevator
where the elevator hoist-way and machine room and sprinklered, heat detectors with __ and a __ are required
lower temperature rating/ higher sensitivity rating
where the elevator hoist-way and machine room are sprinklered, heat detectors are required within __ of ___ sprinkler
2'/ every
heat detectors used for shunt trip are not required to be connected to the fire alarm system, and are not required to be monitored for integrity
pit sprinklers located less than _
above the pit floor are exempt from causing shunt trip
which of the following signals is not required to be transmitted from an interconnected suppression system controlled unit to the main fire alarm control unit
guard's tour
control relays and modules must be
suitable for the circuit parameters
the standard that contains requirements for duct detection in HVAC systems is
duct detectors are usually required on systems with a capacity over
2,000 cfm
a duct smoke detector actuation is permitted to cause
a and b only
According to the NEC, what devices must cause phase I recall
elevator lobby, machine room, and hoist-way smoke detectors
control units that perform suppression system releasing service must be
all of the above
which of the following is least likely to require an emergency voice/alarm communications system
An emergency voice/alarm communications system is required for system using total evacuation plans
what type of fire alarm signal is required for a total evacuation plan
Temporal - 3
emergency voice/ alarm communications systems are usually not used with the following
total evacuation
a fire alarm signal is permitted to have the same signal as
none of the above
emergency voice/ alarm communications systems use
each evacuation zone must have a minimum of __ audible device
an emergency voice/ alarm communications system uses __ communication
emergency voice/ alarm communication systems are required to have what secondary power supply capacity
24 hrs standby plus 15 min of all connected load
speech intelligibility is
a listener's ability to hear and understand the verbal signal
studies have shown that occupants respond and evacuate faster using
voice instruction
outgoing and return conductors of class A circuits __ be separated by distance of
should/ 1' vertically and 4' horizontal
graphic annunciators are commonly used for
all of the above
systems that provide for a partial evacuation or relocation of occupants must be
survivability means
a fire in any one paging zone cannot cause loss of communications to any paging zone
which of the following i not a method of providing survivable circuits
A class A circuit routed in non combustible construction
additional survivability requirements exist when
the FCC and the central controls are separated
which of the following is a two hr rated wiring method
type FPLP-CI cable
Assuming survivability is required, which one of the following circuits is required to be survivable
Notification appliance
which of the following factors will affect speech intelligibility
all of the above
which of the following is not a permitted exception to class A separation requirements
An unlimited cable drop to a single appliance
fire fighters telephones must be located
- each floor
- exit stairs
- fire pump room
firefighters telephones are especially useful when
all of the above
According to NFPA 72, there must be at least ___ firefighters telephones which can be used simultaneously
when firefighters telephones do not indicate the location of the caller, this feature must be installed
placards or labels indicating caller location
specifications are an opportunity for the designer to
all the above
under the new Master Format numbering system, specification for fire protection systems are now found in division
which of the following is most likely to be found in fire alarm specification
type of equipment used
public authorities having jurisdiction, such as a fire marshal or electrical inspector, can enforce specification
the construction specification institute (CSI) revised the master format specifications numbering systems in
division __ applies to all the other divisions
which of the following are usually found on shop drawings
all of the above
on the one prosperity place drawings (annex e), a NAC circuit consists of __ conductors
2 conductor AWG #14 FPLP
on the one prosperity place drawings what is device L2M05
manual fire alarm box
on the drawing, the proper mounting height for a manual fire alarm box is __ to the top of the device
on the drawings, how many signaling line circuits (SLCs) are used
on the drawings, what type of device causes the HVAC shutdown
on the drawing, what is the highest intensity notification appliance shown on the drawings
A "D" size drawing is __ by __
22"b/ 34"
blueprints are developed using the __ process
record drawings are usually developed from shop drawings by
the contractor or equipment
standard symbols for fire protection are found in NFPA
standard electrical symbols are found in NECA
which line type usually has the lightest weight
hidden objects are usually shown by __ lines
match lines are usually indicated by this line type
the location of rated walls and barriers are usually located on these drawings
fire protection/ life safety